Curated Crystal Statement Pieces

Curated Crystal Statement Pieces

24 items

Find our top quality line of  curated crystals here! We have one-of-a kind, hand-picked crystals for interior designers, crystal collectors,...

verazruz amethyst pastel

Amethyst Crystals

21 items

Amethyst Crystals are a perfect way to add a touch of elegance and tranquility to your home or office. Our collection features...

polished faceted clear quartz pink background

Just In

16 items

Step into enchantment with Amethyst Goddess's latest crystal arrivals! Every week we update our shop with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces —statues,...

Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

13 items

Elevate your style with our dainty Crystal Jewelry Collection. Discover a captivating array of gemstone bracelets, rings, and earrings that...

assorted pink and blue crystal healing bracelets on wrist

Crystal Bracelets

11 items

Crystal bracelets are always a staple in your collection! Bracelets are are popular “form” of crystals for their style and...

Crystal Spheres

Crystal Spheres

10 items

Crystal spheres, also known as crystal balls  work much like a perfume diffuser, emitting energy in all directions equally. They...

quantum quattro towers

Quantum Quattro Crystal

6 items

Quantum Quattro is a natural mix of rare minerals found in Namibia including Chrysocolla, Malachite, Shattuckite and Dioptase within a...

Black Friday Specials

Black Friday Specials

6 items

Enjoy 30% off selected crystals in our Black Friday Collection until November 27, 2021. Discount is automatically applied at checkout...

golden natural real citrine crystals

Citrine Crystals

5 items

Working with authentic citrine can have a tremendous impact on your confidence, manifesting abilities, motivation, creativity, mental and emotional well...

assorted crystal points

Crystal Points and Towers

4 items

Feel the radiating energy of light from crystal points and towers - perfect decor and manifesting energy tools in your...

Chuang Yi Gallery

Chuang Yi Gallery

4 items

"Chuang Yi" (Chwang-ee) is a powerful Chinese word with layers of meaning that encapsulate our business well. In one sense...

blue aragonite rough stone

Blue Aragonite

4 items

Explore our exquisite collection of Blue Aragonite crystals, carefully curated to infuse your space with the soothing essence of the...

holding crystal tumble stones

Assorted Crystal Tumbled Stones

3 items

Discover the Power of Nature with Our Assorted Crystal Tumble Stone Collection! Our handpicked assortment of tumblestones offers a mesmerizing...

Andean Blue Opal

Andean Blue Opal

2 items

Get inspired by the  colors borrowed from the sea. Andean blue opal is a regional crystal from Peru. It's greenish-blue opaque...



1 item

Black Tourmaline is a protective crystal that actually gives you a sense of power. It makes you feel secure, daring, and physically powerful...

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls fill the air with harmonic vibrations, adding depth and dimension to any personal prayer or meditative activity. The singing...

crystal egg shapes

Crystal Eggs

One of our favorite crystal formations at Amethyst Goddess, Crystal Eggs are a soothing stone  and powerful  crystal formation. Consider...

Amethyst Carved Elephants

If you resonate as the matriarch or care giver for your family and friends, and need strength to make it...