Pink Amethyst Crystals

Looking to add a a touch of feminity and soft calmness to your crystal collection, then look no further than pink amethysts. 

The allure of pink amethyst crystals, a stunning and recent discovery from 2017 that has captivated the hearts of gem enthusiasts and collectors alike. Unearthed in the serene landscapes of Patagonia, Argentina, pink amethyst is not just another crystal; it's a testament to nature's beauty and mystery.

Even though the name is "pink amethyst", it is not always pink colored. It can have shades of pink, orange, brown and blueish-grey. It gets its color from hematite aka iron.

Its unique pink hue, enriched by the presence of Hematite inclusions, sets it apart from its mineral kin, drawing a closer connection to amethyst than to any other crystal, including rose quartz.

Diligent studies by gemmologists and scientists have unveiled the distinct characteristics of pink amethyst, highlighting its rarity and exceptional beauty. This gemstone is celebrated not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its ability to resonate deeply with the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and a sense of calm.

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