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Amethyst Goddess Crystal Live Shows

Join us on Instagram on announced dates for crystal live show featuring Amethyst Goddess! Follow us on Instagram so you can see when we s set countdown alarms on our Instagram page so follow us @amethysgoddesscrystals for updates!)

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What Is A Crystal Live Show?

A crystal live show is a great way to check out new stock, connect with other crystal enthusiasts, ask me questions, and get a personal experience. Simply open the IG app on your phone during our live show timing and click on our profile picture to join in!

How To Participate

  •  Our profile picture will appear at the top of your feed with a colorful ring around it and the word Live. Tap or click their profile picture to view their live broadcast.

  • Items will be shown one at a time during the live show

  • To purchase an item, leave a comment with the item price and letter (e.g. "20ab" or "mine 20ab").

  • The first comment on our screen will get the item

  • If you have trouble making comments try exiting and re-entering the live show or using emojis

  • Only claim items if you are fully committed to purchasing them, switching or backing out of orders is not allowed.

Payment and Invoicing

  • Invoices will be sent to your email within 24 hours of the live show, payment is due within 24 hours of receipt. We DO NOT posts invoices on our website- we will always email them to you,so if you don't receive it immediately check your spam email first. 

  • Kindly ensure you send us your email via Instagram DM during the live show. We


  • Free local shipping for orders above $75

  • International shipping starts from $25 USD and is based on weight, all orders come with tracking numbers.

  • International orders are invoiced VIA email as well

  • International invoices are also due within 24 hours.

  • We pack all of our crystals with care, however, we are not responsible for any damages or broken crystals caused by the courier. If you received your crystals broken or damaged, please reach out to us ASAP and take pictures and videos of them right away.

Be respectful and do not engage in any negative behavior. Keep in mind, Amethyst Goddess live show is a positive community. And also please use the Open Box Program to save on shipping costs

Respectful and Responsible Purchasing

  • Do not abuse our trust by not replying or backing out on your order. Doing so will result in being barred from future live and post-sales.

  • Keep track of your purchases by either noting them down or taking a screenshot

  • Avoid any threatening, bullying, hate speech or harassment towards anyone

    In summary, join us every weekend for our live show featuring Amethyst Goddess, follow us @amethysgoddesscrystals for updates, claim items by commenting item price and letter during live show, pay within 24 hours of receiving invoice, , free  shipping is a flat fee of $5 and free shipping on orders above $120 SGD, international orders via PayPal, open box program is available to save on shipping costs and be respectful to everyone involved.


    Crystal Live Show FAQ's

    How can I participate in a crystal live show on Instagram?

    To view our live show , at the announced time, go to our instagram: Amethyst Goddess, my profile picture will appear at the top of your Instagram feed with a colorful ring around it and the word Live when I am broadcasting live. To view my live broadcast, simply tap or click my profile picture.

    You can watch live broadcasts on the Instagram app or on Instagram.com.

    When viewing a live broadcast, keep in mind that I and anyone else who is viewing the broadcast may be able to see that you've joined. But don't worry, it's all part of the fun!

    While watching my live broadcast, you can interact with me and other viewers in several ways:

    • Leave a comment: Tap Comment (Instagram app) or click Add a comment (Instagram.com) in the bottom right and type a comment.
    • Like a comment: Tap like below the comment. The number of likes a comment receives will appear below it.
    • Reply to a comment: Tap reply below the comment and type a reply.
    • React to the video: Tap like in the bottom right and select an emoji.
    • Share the video: Tap send in the bottom right or Share Video and select who you want to share it with.

    I look forward to seeing you during my next live broadcast!

    How do I make a purchase during a crystal live show?

    To make a purchase you comment " Claim or Mine with the price of item shown. Ex. If an item is shown with the price of $39 you type in MINE39. The first person shown on my screen will get the claim.

    Are the prices of the crystals fixed during a live show?

    The prices of crystals during a live show are fixed. There are times when I announce discounts or exclusive deals during their live shows to attract more customers.

    Can I ask questions about the crystals during a live show?

    Yes, you can ask questions about the crystals during the live show. I will be available to answer any questions you have about the product's quality, origin, and properties to the best of my knowledge.

    How do I pay for what I claimed For on my live?

    We kindly ask you to send us your valid email as soon as your claim via our DMS. We will EMAIL you invoices for all items claimed straight to your email. within 24 hours of the live show ending. There will be no listings on our website.

    What Happens If I Don't Pay My Invoice?

    If you fail to comply with the rules of payment with failure of notice, your Instagram handle is sent off to a blacklist to Crystal Non-Payers Page within the IG community. Your name will be placed there with the context of your situation and the amount you failed to pay. You will be banned from future live shows from Amethystgoddess.

    Can I get An extension on my invoice from live shows?

    Generally, we do not allow extensions for we offer 24 hours after the invoice has been sent to your email to clear your order. It is your responsibility to oblige your end and your commitment when it comes to shopping live.

    Do You Offer Payment Plans For Live Shows Claims?

    We offer payment plans through Quadpay , Shop Pay, Affirm. These payment options allow you to split your purchase into multiple payments over time, making it easier to manage your budget.

    I got denied all financing options for my crystal claim, do yo offer custom payment plans?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer custom payment plans at this time. However, we do offer payment plans through Quadpay and Affirm that allow you to split your purchase into multiple payments over time. These plans can help you manage your budget and make your crystal purchase more affordable.

    What makes your live shows so fun?

    Our live shows are so fun because we create an interactive and engaging experience for our viewers. During the live shows, we showcase a variety of high-quality crystals and provide detailed information about their properties, origins, and uses. We also encourage our viewers to ask questions and interact with us through the comments section or direct messages.

    In addition to the informative aspect of our live shows, we also strive to make them entertaining and visually appealing. We use high-quality cameras and lighting equipment to showcase the crystals in the best possible way. We also create a fun and welcoming atmosphere by playing music, sharing stories, and cracking jokes.

    Lastly, we offer exclusive deals and discounts during our live shows, making them a great opportunity for our viewers to purchase their favorite crystals at a discounted price. All of these factors combined make our live shows a truly enjoyable and engaging experience for our viewers.

    Do You Offer A Giveaway During Every Live Show?

    We giveaway a crystal or mystery box at the end of every live show! If you claimed anything during the liveshow and sent your email , we will enter your name in the drawing. We randomly choose a winner live using a random winner generator and will tag you. You do not have to be present to claim your gift, but you must clear your invoice to get the item.

    The rules are one claim per person, it does not matter how many items you have claimed. Everyone has an equal shot of winning the grandprize at the end.

    How Long Do Your LIve Shows Last?

    We usually stay live for 2 hours from our start time. We will usually be on from 6:30 pm et to 8:30 pm et on the announced day.

    Where else do you host your live show?

    At the moment, we only host our live shows on our Instagram Profile.

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