Ethically Sourced Crystals Promise

As the crystal market continues to grow, so does the need for an international reckoning on how crystals are sourced. 

It is my personal responsibility to ensure that the crystals I offer connect you to Mother Earth, not to harm our beautiful planet. Healing crystals can have a dark past and shouldn't be purchased unless ethically sourced.

The unfortunate reality is that many crystal shops have no idea where their crystals come from and how they are sourced. Many vendors only go for the best price they can find. It’s worth mentioning because there are serious consequences to supporting miners who practice unsafe crystal extraction methods in compromised mines.

Complicating things further, crystal mining is often a byproduct of large-scale industrial mining for gold, cobalt or copper. These industrial mines often have terrible track records full of environmental abuse and human rights violations. These “byproducts” and who they are sold to are rarely disclosed in annual reports, so it’s difficult to assess how many gemstones are coming from these sources.

The scary reality is that most crystals and their source are untraceable unless a crystal retailer is committed to ethical and sustainable practices--which, fortunately, we are.

No amount of sage, prayer, or intentions bestowed upon crystals can erase the reality that rivers are being poisoned and so are the lungs of little ones forced into child labor all in the name of spiritual crystals. It is all of our responsibilities to choose our crystal purchases mindfully. Every penny spent on a crystal is energy put toward the kind of world you want.

Our Commitment to Ethical Crystal Mining and Sourcing

AmethystGoddess Crystals are one woman’s labor of love. And in my commitment to ethically sourcing each and every crystal, I work closely with my vendors to track each gem from earth to pocket. On a personal level, I want to present these precious stones knowing they have not put workers in danger, displaced natives of the land it’s sourced from, or impacting biodiversity. 

Standards We Support:

  • Mining processes of crystals are ethical/eco-friendly
  • Follow International laws
  • Help protect local wildlife
  • No Slave or Child Labor Practices
  • Communication and education with our wholesales/vendors and mine owners on what they are doing to improve the conditions of workers and the environment in this industry along with improving the world as a whole.
  • Giving back to local communities and healing the environment from where the crystals were taken
  • A Living wage in-store & all supplier chains

In order to put a stop to the vicious cycle of labor and land abuse, we also commit to certified ethical and fair trade practices. The supply chain within the crystal community is complicated and unregulated. By removing as many “middlemen” as possible, I’m able to guarantee the source of each and every crystal offered here.

Our prices reflect our refusal to cut corners.

We’ve teamed up with three major crystal mining operations that are led by artisan crystal miners. Everyone is committed to sourcing energetically pure crystals that don’t come at the price of human lives.

Finding a reliable and ethical crystal mining dealer requires deep research, hard conversations, and the courage to challenge the status quo of the multi-billion dollar crystal industry. And that’s exactly what we continue to do. 

Why? Because we are in the business of energy healing. Though we offer a stunning variety of crystals, we aren’t in the business of pretty, shiny things. All crystals generate energy and vibration. And the improper and unethical handling of these precious stones alters their ability to enlighten, heal, guide, manifest, and become a powerful spiritual ally for their final owner.

To hold true to the purpose and intentions behind every crystal, a lot of thought and awareness goes into sourcing each and every stone.

After searching far and wide for vendors that align with our values, we are proud of our collaboration with  minors out of South America who are committed   to stop the dangerous and illegal extraction, change this unfair system and benefit the local population T

Their efforts have made a significant impact on the locals and across the globe as they rise above the demands for cheaper crystals in order to maintain ethical sourcing efforts.

Our quest to help people energetically is a thread that seams through every aspect of AmethystGoddess--from Earth to pocket, every transaction is met with care and responsibility.