How To Select Your Crystals

I always tell my friends, customers and clients, whenever choosing for a healing crystal, take a look around and see what you're attracted to. Go with the crystal that catches your eye, because the crystal chooses you and not the other way around – That’s the magic of healing gemstones. Whatever is going on in your life, you’ll be draw to the perfect crystal that you need in that particular moment. Trust in the power of using healing crystals and get ready to fall in sync with the powerful vibrations of the earth and its intuitive wisdom.

By Color

The beauty of crystals comes from their distinct colors.

Color is one of the ancient correspondeces used in healing and magic. Based on extensive research in both the history and tradition of crystals and the more modern human psycholgical studies of the fundamental effectors of color on human bodies and minds, we now know the real, natural efffects of gemstone and crystal color influence rays,

Each color carriesitsr own vibrational energy and intentions, you can look up on the color and their associations to each chakrat understand which is the right stone for your needs. This method will be beneficial and effective to those who are looking to acquire crystals for a particular need.

By Intuition

By Intuition

Majority of the people like to choose crystals based on how they feel and what they are drawn to. Certain crystals will just catch your eye, you can keep looking and come back to the crystals and see how you feel about them the second time. If possible, you may want to hold them in your hand and focus on the energy it gives off.

By Properties

By Properties

Different crystals have their unique energies and metaphysical properties, which can affect the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves. By understanding their distinct properties, you’ll be able to acquire the suitable crystal that is able to answer your concern or requirement.

Crystal Glossary


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Do all crystals bring in positivity and dispel negativity?

f you want a crystal to “bring in positivity” like healing energy you must first cleanse it of any negative energy. Crystals pick up negative energy from being around negativity, anger, distrust, fighting, discord, and other environments of unpleasantness.

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal and they use the four elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. All are explained in the ebook

Crystals to bring in positivity need to be charged. Just like a person or plant, crystals need nourishment to work. Again, see the ebook for how to do that.

Awakening the spirit of the stone and aligning its energy are also needed to complete the preparation of a crystal for use. These are also covered in the ebook.

Even with proper preparation, some crystals are much better suited for certain activities. Their crystal matrix, color rays, and earth energy based on their chemical family all make their uses unique.

When Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

We recommend that new crystals should be cleansed before you use or program them, to remove any residual energy from their transports.

You will get an intuition when a crystal needs cleanings when it looks dull or feels "dirty" to the touch. It is common for the dust to accumulate on crystals, and a great treat for this is regular freshwater dups on CERTAIN WATER FRIENDLY crystals.

Which Crystals are Not Safe to Wash?

Selenite, Calcite, Gypsum, Malachite, Satin Spar, Flourite, Turqoise, Sodalite, Desert Rose