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Come shop our new releases of crystals be the first to ship pieces before they go on our website. Our lineup will include chrysocolla gem silica pyramids, blue moonstone pyramids, Butterfly carvings, Amethyst flowers with selenite, chalcopyrite and much more!

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We are Live Now! Come watch our crystal live show.

Amethyst Goddess is an online crystal shop that curates crystals from all over the world. We have two different distinct categories in our online boutique crystal shop, our curated crystal gallery, and crystals that we always stockpile.

Let Crystals Be An Expression of Your Energy

Let Crystals Be An Expression of Your Energy

At Amethyst Goddess, we embrace a philosophy and approach that empowers individuals to live a life of enlightenment by harnessing the subtle energies present in our enchanting universe. These energies often go unnoticed, yet they hold immense potential for our well-being. Every aspect of existence possesses a unique frequency, and it is our choice to align ourselves with the frequencies that resonate with our desires. In our quest for a magical experience, we believe in utilizing allies such as crystals, plants, smudging tools, sounds, and other natural elements as a powerful starting point.

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I buy crystals here at least once a month and I love this online shop so much. I have not yet seen better quality crystal than the ones from Amethyst Goddess! Stacy is always very helpful and knowledgeable. I must say my most favorite gems have all come from this shop. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for good quality and good energy!

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Cristina Barnea

Recently joined a liveshow to mainly just watch, and then saw she had a crystal I had been looking for for the past few months. The quality of the crystal is absolutely beautiful. I also ended up being a giveaway winner, and the gifts I received were just as beautiful!

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Danae Haynes

This is my third time shopping with Amethyst Goddess and each time has been an absolute pleasure. The products are some of the highest quality I've ever seen and Stacy is always such a pleasure. I swear her live sales double as healing sessions. I'm a customer for life. 💜

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Lauren Bonnell
Find Your Perfect Crystal!

Find Your Perfect Crystal!

In the hunt for that perfect crystal? Let our team personally help you find that perfect piece. Simply answer a few questions to get matched to your perfect piece.

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