Valentines Day Self Love Gifts

Love and all it’s divine power can be manifested from within us! We can accept no more love than we are willing to give ourselves. The way we love others, STARTS with the way we love ourselves. Learning how to love ourselves begins with a few easy steps.

Research has shown, that there are three components to love and creating a happy relationship. This theory, developed by Robert Sternberg, is called the Triangular Theory of Love. These components are the fundamental building blocks on creating, nurturing and developing a long-lasting relationship.

Valentines Day shouldn't just be about having a sweetheart to lavish gifts and kisses upon… it should also include gifts to love yourself! Our sacred gifts are all about self care and self love to give to yourself or someone you love, whether it be a friend, family member or co-worker! When you have all the self-love to give to yourself, your cup will overflow to give to others! 

Shop spiritual valentines Day Gifts from Empowerment Kits to Passion Perfumes that activate the heart chakra!


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