Larimar Crystal Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

Larimar Crystal Meaning, Benefits, & Uses-Amethyst Goddess

The Caribbean produces some of the most beautifully exotic wonders on our planet. And among them is the rare, and enchanting Larimar crystal.

Found only in the mountains beyond Baoruco in the Dominican Republic, it’s hard to get your hands on this celestial-looking crystal. Reflecting both sky and sea, Larimar is a frost baby blue with white and grey cavities. But its true beauty and allure lie beyond the surface.

Larimar Crystal Meaning

Larimar is a soothing crystal. Its energy can lull you to a state of peace and is known for its calming features. Pulling its energy from both heaven and earth, it works like a gentle, wise teacher--benevolently guiding and healing you to your highest self.

Larimar is a great crystal for beginners as its energetic impact goes at your pace.

Going by many names, larimar is also referred to as the Atlantis stone, Dolphin stone, Stefilia’s stone, and Blue Pectolite.

Larimar Crystal Benefits

A true crystal of serenity, Larimar benefits come on slowly and sufficiently. 

Throat Chakra Clearing

Resonating with the throat chakra, Larimar helps release suppressed expression and encourages you to speak your truth. Promoting authenticity and power, this crystal will support you in having hard conversations, speaking your needs, and setting boundaries.

Finding Peace and Tranquility

Transform excessive temper, irritability, and resentment into peace. Larimar relaxes the mind from thinking it has to fix everything. Ease into total acceptance to find your little piece of heaven on earth--even when surrounded by chaos.

Overcoming Fears

With total peace comes total security. Larimar makes you feel capable and confident. Diminishing overthinking tendencies, this crystal invites you to step through your limitations and overcome your fears.

Balancing the Divine Feminine

The divine feminine loves to relax and receive. If you find it hard to recharge, larimar helps you tap into your necessary right to call your power back to your and feel replenished. Nourishing and restorative, Larimar is a great nighttime crystal.

Harmonizing Energies

Have a busy household or eccentric office? Larimar can ease and harmonize energies by promoting stability and calm. Keep this crystal in an open space to allow all the energies who cross its path to breathe deeper, talk slower, and be present.

How to Use Larimar Crystal

Compatible with the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies, Larimar's uses are varied and wonderfully healing. Feel the depth of Larimar benefits when using the crystal in solitude or during your times of self-care.

  • Cool your mood when feeling overwhelmed with emotion
  • Aid in journaling for a deep-dive exploration of your expressive or creative needs
  • Wear as jewelry when entering a tense or overcrowded environment
  • To balance solar plexus and throat chakra

Grip this stunning crystal in your hands when meditating, place it on a part of your body that seems to be holding onto trauma and emotions, or simply take deep breaths in its presence. As the nature of this crystal would have it, there is no pressure to do, be, or say anything “right”. Larimar energy intends to keep you calm, comfortable, and balanced.

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