6 Crystals That Activate & Heal Your Feminine Energy

The divine feminine, also known as Gaia, Shakti, Kali, and Yin energy within us all is receptive energy. But it also contributes to many emotional experiences that make us human. It is the deepest part of our consciousness that perceives life through feeling.

The divine feminine is represented by:

  • Sensuality
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Expression
  • Communication
  • Chaos/Wild
  • Restoration
  • Inspiration
  • Peace + Harmony
  • Connection + Relationships + Community

When your divine feminine is active and empowered, life is full. You are inspired, find purpose easily, feel guided, and hopeful, and it is easy for you to connect with those around you. Unfortunately, trauma and painful physical and emotional experiences can cause us to become disconnected from the divine feminine. The Yin starts to feel like unsafe energy until it becomes almost foreign to us.

Signs of a disconnect from your feminine energy:

  • Over giving without receiving
  • Struggle to maintain and enjoy relationships
  • Uninspired, hopelessness, depression
  • Out of touch with your intuition
  • Aimless
  • Inability to create
  • Aggressive and controlling tendencies

There are crystals that radiate feminine energy. Sourced from Mother Earth herself, these crystals maintain a high frequency. When exposed to the frequency often enough, you will begin to feel the divine feminine awaken and activate.

The Best Crystals For Feminine Energy 


Chrysocolla represents the Sacred Feminine, activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication, and embodies the intelligence and strength of the enduring Goddess.


Chrysocolla is used to promote tranquility, peace, intuition, patience, and unconditional love. It is known as a healing stone among Native American cultures and has been used to strengthen the body's resistance to illness and emotional stress.

Rose Quartz

This soft pink stone is great for balancing the feminine energy, especially if you are being overpowered by your masculine tendencies. Rose Quartz is nurturing and helps slow your spirit if you’ve been overworking or overthinking.

Rose Quartz is a crystal of rest and self-soothing. Allow yourself time each day to take deep breaths,   silence your thoughts, and remember what it feels like to live from a heart space and take action that is inspired by emotional awareness. 


Amazonite aligns you with your purpose and your soul mission and is ideal for paving new opportunities that resonate with your highest calling. Dreams are made of amazonite and the divine feminine loves to dream big.

This active crystal will stir your creative juices and get you inspired by life and excited to create. Sing, dance, write, paint, spoken word--there are unlimited opportunities to create and take action for the sake of expression and not just to be productive.


Vanadinite is known to help with energy, uplift the mood, stimulate creativity, help with writer's block, and boost your desire to get things done. This beautiful crystal also helps to renew enthusiasm for life, assists in removing obstacles, increases drive, and determination, and helps ground unstable thoughts and emotions.

When your divine feminine is blocked, it can be hard to create forward motion or to be excited about life. Vanadinite gives you ab emotional boost to keep going.


Rhodochrosite evokes the Goddess and the vibration of Divine Love. It invites our spirit and heart to be courageous and compassionate, in alignment with whatever is true and good. Rhodochrosite encourages us to constantly ask “What would I love to do?” in each situation we encounter.



 In modern society, there is a socially constructed idea that the feminine is to sacrifice all she wants for the sake of her family. But this martyr conditioning is what drives so many away from the real calling of the divine feminine which is always to fill your own cup first. There is no family, joy, love, healing, or growth without a well-balanced, empowered, active divine feminine energy.


Affirmations to Activate the Divine Feminine Within You

I am worthy of love and happiness just as I am

I trust myself and lean into my intuition

I work in harmony with others because I am in harmony with myself

I take pleasure in the creative process

I am divine in my own right, and I embrace it fully

I cultivate healthy emotional responses

I receive with grace

Rest and relaxation are as important as productivity and completion

I am only at my best when I am in tune with my needs and desires

It is safe to express how I really feel

It is safe to feel

I draw wisdom, love, compassion, and clarity from my divine feminine energy

6 Crystals That Activate & Heal Your Feminine Energy-Amethyst Goddess

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