High-Frequency Crystals for Halloween

High-Frequency Crystals for Halloween

Tis the season for all things magical and   mystical! And none are more powerful than   divine, healing crystals.

Whether you want to add a little fairy dust to   your trick-or-treat goody bags, increase   connection while the veil is thin, or protect   yourself from all the spookiness--here are the  best, high-frequency crystals for Halloween.

Crystal Skulls

Skulls are a Halloween go-to décor. But a charged Quantum Quattro Skull is so much more than a stunningly spooky accessory.

Crystal skulls are large pieces of polished crystal that are stylized to resemble a

Moss Agate Skulls For Balance & Grounding-Amethyst Goddess-700 grams-Amethyst Goddess

human skull. Skulls can also resemble an animal-shaped head or that of an extraterrestrial. Some can take on larger or smaller shapes and are most commonly Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine, or Citrine-- but there is no limit to which crystal can be carved into a skull.

Divine in their own right, crystal skulls are incredibly protective, especially concerning the spiritual battle we fight. Psychic protection can manifest in our lives in many ways that include:

  • Preventing negative emotions from others to penetrate your energy field (think evil eye energy)
  • Block any ill-will sent your way
  • Alleviates dark emotions that spur depression and anxiety
  • Aura protection

Besides its shape and energy, the Moss Agate Crystal Skull is unique because of its history. Ancient healing, magic, and what we now call manifestation were all purposes the skull shape served for over 2,000 years. 

Thousands of years later, and you can still have your very own Crystal Skull to ignite your spiritual gifts, ground yourself, and empower all of your spiritual and material pursuits.

Crystal Spheres

Instead of candy, hand out these beautiful pocket gems! On Halloween witches, warlocks, and psychics may peer into the future using a clear crystal sphere, but these little beauties present opportunities for healing and growth.

Angelite Spheres 

These Angelite Angelic Connection Spheres are here to attune you to their wisdom and guidance. Angelite is such a special stone. 

This radiant gem acts as an anchor to our angelic guides and opens up clear communication lines between our world and the celestial realm. Work with these gorgeous spheres to soothe your spirit, cultivate compassion, deepen your intuition, and tap into higher levels of awareness.

Rhodochrosite Spheres

Rhodochrosite is known as the Rose Stone and resonates with the Heart

Rhodochrosites Spheres For Love & Compassion-Amethyst Goddess-Small ( ~43-45 mm)-Amethyst Goddess

Chakra. . It inspires you to be kind and gentle with yourself, and in turn, with others. Rhodochrosite brings balance and eases low-frequency emotions. It’s this balance that makes it so powerful in love – this gem helps you feel loved when you feel alone, improves self-worth, and comforts you as it heals. 

Rhodochrosite also calms any stress and fills you with strong energy. With it, you’re able to understand the purpose of past negativity and cope with problems in a graceful and balanced way.

Aquamarine Spheres

You can get lost in these serene aquamarine spheres. Known as a crystal of the sea, with a calming and cooling vibration that enhances intuition, imagination, and creativity. Aquamarine promotes emotional depth and aligns with the astrological sign Pisces and fish spirit. 

AA Grade Aquamarine Spheres For Emotional Cleansing & Calming-Amethyst Goddess-Large ( 39-40mm)-Amethyst Goddess

 Aquamarine is the perfect offering to keep   close whenever you need to have a hard   conversation. Aquamarine is a healing   gemstone that soothes and brings you to a   deep sense of peace.

 You may not be able to read the future with   these crystal spheres but you sure can make   the present moment full of love and healing.

Carved Crystals

Up the vibrational ante of your décor any time of the year with carved crystals. Fun, sentimental, and full of high frequencies--these gems pack a powerful punch of cosmic energy.

Black Obsidian Toucan on Raw Rhodonite

Black Obsidian Toucan on Raw Rhodonite-Amethyst Goddess-Amethyst Goddess

Unique hand-carved gemstone toucan bird on natural amethyst base. Lovely home décor piece that fills your home with positive energy and good vibes. This beautiful bird is hand-carved and features Black Obsidian for protection, Rhodonite for harmony, and Orange Calcite for high consciousness and spiritual development.

Aquamarine Half Moon

Aquamarine is considered a very soothing gem, assisting in the calming of fears as well as clarity of thought, sharpened logic. It is said to help release old patterns that no longer serve you and connect to your intuition and higher self.

Grey Amethyst Angel Wings

Keep your guardian angels close with this heavenly collector's piece. The amethyst angel wing pairs come together and can be detached from the base. These are grade A beautiful quality grey galaxy amethyst from Uruguay.

Grey Amethyst activates s the crown chakra and is an aid for meditation, intuition, inspiration, and mental clarity.

XL Grey Amethyst Angel Wing Pair on Stand-Amethyst Goddess-Amethyst Goddess

Rose Quartz Dolphin

Ride the waves of life with love and joy with the help of this crystal ally. The spirit animal of the dolphin represents harmony and balance.  Their playful nature is a reminder that everyone needs to approach life with humor and joy. People who identify with the dolphin totem are usually peaceful and gentle, but with a deep inner strength. 

The spirit of the dolphin engraved in rose quartz serves as a reminder to trust life, yourself, and to approach relationships with tenderness, joy, and playfulness.

Black Crystals

If Halloween has a color, it’s black. So it’s time to show off the darkest crystals in your collection!


When it comes time to put away that holiday candy, Tourmaline offers an energy of self-control and detoxification. Absorbing bad habits and bad vibes, this crystal is great to wear when interacting with many people, especially strangers at a sketchy Halloween house party.


This deep black crystal helps us embrace our internal duality. In the spirit realm, nothing is good or bad, it just is. Applying this level of awareness and acceptance in our human lives allows us to embrace the present moment without fear or judgment.


More chrome than black, this stark crystal is grounding and helps you drop into your body if you have a tendency to overthink. The vibrations of Hematite are uniquely noticeable and are used to tune into excess emotional baggage that needs to be released.

Naturally, these high-frequency crystals can be used all year round, but they are especially powerful when there’s a little magic in the air.

Happy Halloween!

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