Crystals For Inner Guidance

Crystals For Inner Guidance

Losing our way is part of the human experience. It doesn’t matter how spiritual you are or how many hours of meditation you do, feelings of aimlessness can creep in. It’s nothing to be afraid of, but an opportunity to hear what these feelings have to teach you.

These crystals for inner guidance will allow you to sink into the cosmic energy bestowed upon these gems and will help you find your way through.

Turquoise - Drown Out the Noise

Turquoise is connected to the heart, throat, and third eye chakras and ensures you embody beliefs that are all your own. The world is full of conditioning and that’s what muddles our authentic selves and can make your life feel as though it’s not your own.

Peruvian Turquoise Palm Stones are great to keep nearby when facing a big decision, particularly one that involves many people’s opinions. This crystal will empower you to live your truth, despite what others may think.

Amethyst - Strengthen Intuition

Amethyst opens the crown chakra, inviting a sense of deep knowing and intuition. A Pink Amethyst Tower connects you with your higher self--The spirit body that never second guesses or sheds any doubt.


Crystals for inner guidance


Amethyst can also help regulate overthinking and anxiety induced by insecurity or fear of making the wrong decisions.

Selenite - Get Clarity

Selenite is notorious for cleansing the aura and lifting mental fog. Inner guidance is all about getting clear on who you are, your core values, and figuring out what you want most. Working with Selenite Spheres is a powerful way to release confusion, evoke certainty, and wash away doubt.

Selenite can clear blocked energy, improve intuition, and make space in your heart and mind for inspiration.

Spirit Quartz - Receive Messages

Spirit Quartz is incredibly powerful, it can invite downloads that can be used as guidance or attract people that are here to encourage your inner growth and deliver messages to you. This rare crystal can also protect you from doubt and negative self-talk that can overshadow words of wisdom.

Spirit Quartz is best used when placed in an open environment where many people pass. This could be your office or a shared space in the house. Spirit quartz promotes harmony with others and within yourself.

Citrine - Take inspired Action

Turn your inner guidance into inspired action with a Citrine Generator. Citrine’s energy will spring you into motion and encourage you to move in the direction of your internal compass. Associated with optimism, Citrine can help shift you from a state of fear and confusion into a more lighthearted, playful perspective when seeking the answers to life’s questions.


Associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, Citrine stimulates mental clarity, alignment, and creativity.

Jasper - Confidence Boost

Jasper is a nurturing stone that comes in many variations. Jasper Freeform Crystals are an energetic powerhouse for your confidence and self-esteem. Working directly with your root chakra, Jasper offers grounding energy. Keeping you rooted in your body, Jasper will prevent you from swaying if you are prone to changing your mind often. 

Jasper encourages alignment with your purpose and helps you remain focused on it. It’s recommended to keep Jasper in an area where you create or work as it helps eliminate distractions. Jasper prevents blockages from occurring within the channels between you and your creative, authentic self.

Rose Quartz - Trust Yourself

Self-love is the foundation to trusting yourself and following your inner guidance. Wear a Rose Quartz Pendulum on your heart chakra or use it when making decisions. The vibration of Rose Quartz invites you to drop into your heart space and emotional body to really feel your way through the decision process.

If you have trauma surrounding your ability to trust yourself, Rose Quartz can be used to restore and heal your heart space.

Affirmations for Inner Guidance

No one knows me as I know myself

My decisions are grounded and thoughtful

I am divinely guided

All I need is within

I hear my inner voice loud and clear

When my mind is too loud, my body helps me feel what is right

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