Crystal Points and Towers

Feel the radiating energy of light from crystal points and towers - perfect decor and manifesting energy tools in your home.  They are one of the most common and most used crystal shapes which help manifest your intentions  These crystal shapes also helps uplift your mood and mental health  and  increase local vibration. 

Crystal  points and towers is considered the best power generator? Well, that is because of its structure. The stones are cut into the form of a Crystal Point or a natural Crystal Pointcut at the base that will allow it to stand. Like all points, they focus and direct energy to the point of conclusion in order to effectively amplify its energy towards our intentions.

The power of a tower is up and down. They emit highly concentrated and directional energy wherever they are located which influences the surrounding area and any other nearby crystals. Because of how strong its energy is, their energy is not only concentrated on yourself but it also transmits towards the people around you.