6 Ways to Reconnect With Your Magnetic, Sensual Self

Energy centers in your physical, spiritual, and emotional body are responsible for your magnetism and the sensual experiences you attract. Primarily the root and the sacral chakra are responsible for pleasure, sensuality, feminine energy, needs, and the security and grounding required to share and invite those needs to be met.

Oftentimes, there is a disconnect from these sacred energy sources that can make it hard to experience the pleasure we deserve. These 6 practices will help you realign and welcome opportunities to fill a deep need to share, express, and experience physical and spiritual satisfaction.

1. Clear Your Energy Field

In the presence of your at-home altar, you want to create a safe space. Start with sage. Sage will draw impurities from your aura and environment. Stagnant, negative, and unwelcoming energy can pass so that you can now evoke your intentions and fill the space with your power.

An altar is a sacred space or place that is used for ritual. Altars have been used for millennia in religious ceremonies and holy architecture. Think of it as your spiritual center where you can focus on being your highest self. What you choose to add to your altar is of complete personal choice, but is usually items and sentiments that invite positive energy into your life including crystals, sage, candles, relics, pictures, and anything else that speaks to you.

2.Womb Meditation & Divine Feminine Activation

Guided Womb Meditation with Sacred Goddess Rising will allow you to sink deep into the depth of your feminine energy. Drawing forth from the powerful part of the female body, the womb is a sacred space. This mediation is a journey with the breath to find stillness in the body and connect with healing, restorative energy. It helps process trauma surrounding sensual expression, identity, pleasure, and security.

Meditation can also activate The Divine Feminine, also known as Gaia, Shakti, kali, and Yin energy within us all is receptive energy. But it also contributes to many emotional experiences that make us human. It is the deepest part of our consciousness that perceives life through feeling.

When your divine feminine is active and empowered, life is full. You are inspired, find purpose easily, feel guided, hopeful, and it is easy for you to connect with those around you. Unfortunately, trauma and painful physical and emotional experiences can cause us to become disconnected from the divine feminine. The Yin starts to feel like unsafe energy until it becomes almost foreign to us.

3. Spiral Shakti Energy

Spiraling Shakti Energy is a physical and meditative practice done by sitting and gently rotating the torso. 

  • In a comfortable sitting position, take a deep breath through the nose and release and exhale through the mouth with a loud “ah” sound. Grant yourself to make noise and take up space.

  • Place palms down on your knees and lengthen through the spine.

  • Begin by bending forward and winding your body from the waist in a slow, clockwise motion. Notice the tailbone remains rooted into your mat or pillow.

  • Gently deepen the motion by speeding up slowly or widening the circles.

This embodiment practice attracts Qi, life-force, to the womb, sacral, and root chakra. Picture pain, suffering, and fear leaving these energy fields and envision love, pleasure, passion, and purpose replacing them.

4. Dance/Intentional Movement

Similar to spiraling shakti energy, dancing can move stuck Qi through the body where emotions get trapped. Dancing to update music is an especially high-vibrational activity that sends “feel good” hormones like endorphins through you.

Get in tune with how your body moves. Feel the fun, sensual nature of every twist, turn, hop swing, jump, however it is you choose to move your body–sink deeper into it. There are a few pleasurable experiences that reflect dancing–it can be fun and restorative to reflect that movement.

5. Energy-Balancing Crystals

Crystals are an especially unique and powerful way to reconnect to your magnetic, sensual self. Some remove blocks, while others illuminate the sexy, desirable traits we possess but tend to hide.


 The third chakra is notorious manifestation stone citrine, aka the Lucky Merchant’s Stone. “Citrine is all about themes of like happiness, joy, childlike, energy, and prosperity,” Hopkins explains. “Between [the] solar plexus and heart is where you have themes of money and fertility ... so citrine is also really good for people who are business owners,” she offers, recommending keeping some in a cash register to attract wealth and manifest money.

Best agrees, noting citrine’s power to harness your life. “Citrine is about unlocking your personal power, manifesting, and obtaining success and everything good,” she tells NYLON. “It brings you whatever you want, like a magnet, so you can make your dreams a reality.” It’s no wonder manifesters can’t get enough of citrine.

A secondary option for the solar plexus, according to Hopkins, is pyrite. “Pyrite is kind of along the [same] lines ... in terms of attracting wealth and abundance,” she explains. “After all, it is called fool’s gold.” Not only does pyrite carry themes of wealth, but it’s grounding as well, and because it’s linked to the sun, it’s also about willpower, confidence, and getting things done.

Your solar plexus crystals can be worn on a longer necklace or tucked into a bra to keep them close to this energy wheel.


The fifth chakra — the throat chakra, or Vishuddha in Sanskrit — is pretty self-explanatory as far as location goes. This area covers healthy self-expression, living authentically, and speaking. When your throat chakra is flowing and happy, you’re able to say how you feel and present yourself and live life true to yourself. A blockage here might show as fear of public speaking or voicing your opinions or truth, living inauthentically, or having trouble finding the words to express your thoughts and feelings. An unbalanced throat chakra might have you “living a muted version of who you are to satisfy people in your life,”

Using Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking and is an excellent stone for teachers and presenters of all types. It relaxes speakers to a stage of consciousness in which they are fully aware of their own truth, wisdom, and feelings, and able to articulate them with clarity and conviction. It also allows you to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations.

Aquamarine accelerates the intellectual reasoning processes and enhances the ability for rapid response. It makes one unconquerable through learning, not only about the physical world but about oneself. It bestows perseverance, discipline, and light-heartedness.

Lepidolite is known to be one of the great healing stones. It balances energy surrounding emotional issues, as well as decreases stress, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Since I struggle with anxiety, in general, I often meditate on my Lepidolite alone or sleep with it under my pillow.

Rose Quartz is the center stone of my force field and I also wear a rose quartz necklace, where the stone hits directly over my heart chakra. It is the crystal of peace and unconditional love. Rose Quartz calms us, opens our hearts, and brings deep healing and self-love. 

6. Harness & Settle Energy

The final part of your practice, and perhaps most important, is a restorative physical gesture that allows the energy to settle into your body so it can be transmuted through the rest of your day. Start by laying, leaning, or sitting in a supported position. With the spine elongated, take deep breaths into the belly and feel your heart rate start to settle and fall into a gentle but deep state of relaxation. Follow the breath through the nose into the lung and out on the exhale.

As you wrap up your practice, congratulate yourself on making an intentional effort to heal, restore, and reconnect with your sensuality and divine feminine energy.