5 Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

5 Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

Shadow work can be grueling and highly uncomfortable at best. Shadow work is the conscious reintegration of the parts of yourself that are conditioned to hide or deemed unacceptable. To access these spiritual and emotional parts of your being, you’ll be face to face with trauma and stark realization.

Shadow work is the side of spiritual growth that so many are afraid to talk about. While most sides of the light are peaceful and growth-oriented, the paradigm shift can only occur after deep, restorative shadow work.

Crystals for shadow work are here to make your journey easier. These divine allies serve to support and comfort you through your awakening and be your candle should you enter the dark night of the soul. Embrace these celestial gifts and allow them to help you return to the fullness of who you are--shadows included.

Black Obsidian Reflects Your Shadow Self

This deep, powerful crystal reflects the shadow side. It can help you see that primitive, dark side of being a human without fearing what you’ll discover. Black Obsidian encourages you to see it all with bravery and release any judgment you have against your shadow self.

Black Obsidian can also be used to unlock the meaning behind the mystery. It will help you understand your conditioned traits. Obsidian prepares the mind for the journey into the subconscious. While other crystals may serve as comfort or gentle guides, Obsidian will grab you by the hand and pull you straight into the Lion’s den--So have faith.


Labradorite is the ultimate spiritual ally for any kind of inner work. It expels gentle energy and invites other spirit guides to support you on your journey within. This comforting crystal will soften the blow of emotional triggers that can occur when you unearth buried emotions.



Labradorite can also help you understand the reasons and motives behind outbursts. Sometimes the shadow side peaks through even when you’re not doing shadow work. Mood swings, temper, sudden spikes of flight-or-flight, and other emotional occurrences that feel out of character for you, is your unaddressed shadow side. Labradorite helps you put meaning behind your reaction and to encourages you to remain curious about your unanticipated emotions when they do surface.

Lapis Lazuli

This healing crystal for shadow work has long been associated with the spirit realm. An ancient Babylonian myth tells of a Goddess, Ishtar, who adorns herself with Lapis Lazuli as she passes through the seven gates of the underworld. Shadow work can feel like your own personal hell. Lapis Lazuli helps you hold tight to your personal power--never let you slip or feel as though you’re losing yourself.

Lapis Lazuli strengthens your critical thinking as you navigate shadow work, preventing you from becoming emotionally or spiritually overwhelmed.

Smoky Quartz

Serving as a grounding stone, Smoky Quartz stabilizes your mental wellbeing while you deep dive into inner work and healing. It’s notorious for absorbing negative energy and can protect you from external stress.

During your spiritual detox, you are vulnerable to physical and mental fatigue, poor diet, and nightmares. Smoky Quartz aids in alleviating the spiritual detox symptoms and will encourage you to use this potent energy toward positive manifestations. This crystal serves to remind you that you are an alchemist and can turn suffering into power.


Selenite is like the angel who arrives just when you feel as though you can’t take anymore. Cleansing and clearing your aura this crystal invites you to your new beginning. Shadow work is all about getting clear it is on who you are, your core values, and figuring out what you want most. Working with Selenite Spheres is a powerful way to release confusion and evoke certainty and wash away doubt.

Selenite can clear blocked energy, improve intuition, and make space in your heart and mind for inspiration. Selenite promotes inner-truth and tunes you in with spiritual frequencies.



Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

Use your healing crystals as often as you can and leave them open and accessible to you. Wear your crystals, carrying them with you, hold them when meditating or praying, and be in their presence when journaling and manifesting.

But don’t be surprised if you fin yourself reaching for these crystals simply for comfort, clarity, or guidance. With you through it, these divine gems will remain your spiritual allies long after your shadow work concludes.

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