How To Manifest Miracles With Crystals

How To Manifest Miracles With Crystals

Manifestation and the law of attraction have awakened a world of love, power, creation, and abundance for many--myself included. There are dozens upon dozens of manifestation tools that can help transform your ideas into actuality, dreams into reality, and begin to live a purpose-driven life where you’re in the driver’s seat. But none as intimate and tangible as manifesting with crystals.

What you can manifest with crystals is unlimited. But they are especially good for manifesting







Financial Security


New Beginnings





With the proper practice, these beloved gems can turn into your biggest allies when it comes to creating the life you want and manifesting miracles as often as you wish.

Best Crystals For Manifesting Miracles

As a crystals keeper, it’s essential to remember your crystals contain consciousness and should be treated with care and reverence. The better kept, the better they serve in manifesting. You could essentially use any crystal for manifesting. But there are a few that are particularly powerful at transmitting energy and illuminating possibilities.

Clear Quartz- If manifesting with crystals were a symphony, clear quartz is the percussion that brings a piece to life. It’s the drum that amplifies your intentions, clarifies your desires, and brings to light all possibilities to manifest miracles in the physical world.

 Hematite- To ground the manifesting mind, use Hematite. This crystal stimulates the root chakra allowing you to stand strong in your desire to manifest miracles and accept that you deserve them.

Rose Quartz- Much of what is manifested is meant to bring about feelings of great love and self-worth. Rose quartz inspires miracles based on love, gratitude, and emotional abundance. Manifest miracles in your relationships using rose quartz.

Citrine- Magnify money miracles by manifesting with Citrine. A job promotion, a raise, or business opportunities are known to come about when working with citrine. You can also expect your relationship with prosperity to transform.

Black Obsidian- Limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and being overly attached to outcomes is a black hole for manifesting miracles. Black Obsidian is the dark crystal of absorption where all of your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk dissipate. 

Other powerful crystals to use when manifesting miracles include Selenite, Malachite, Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye, Aventurine, Agate, Tourmaline, and Angelite. But to be clear, any crystal that you feel overwhelmingly attracted to can become a powerhouse for manifesting.

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Program Your Crystals to Manifest

What you want to attract--health, wealth, love, healing, anything-- vibrates at a particular frequency. That frequency is different from your personal vibration and the goal of manifesting with crystals is to use the frequency of the crystals to stabilize and bridge the frequency gap between where you’re at and what you want to attract.

“crystals stabilize and bridge the frequency gap between where you’re at and what you want to attract.”

To program your crystal to become a powerful manifesting tool, there are a few steps to prep your gems for the tasks at hand.

  1. Cleans your crystals physically and energetically. Manifesting miracles with crystals is a very personal journey so you want the energy of the crystals to be entirely yours.

  2. Request the crystal to be your manifesting crystal. Sounds silly, but that invitation can make all the difference to how you resonate with the crystal and it to you.

  3. Charge your crystal with the sun, moon, or meditation. Now that the energy has been cleansed and purpose placed on your manifesting crystal, it’s time to stimulate those frequencies with power and love.

  4. Designate a home for your crystal. I like to keep my most important and personal manifesting crystal near my bedside. For suggestions, here’s a guide on where to keep your crystals in your home. Otherwise, choose a safe and sacred place to keep them.

Now your crystals and you are ready for the beautiful journey of manifesting your desires big and small. In the 

How to Manifest With Crystals 

The journey begins for you and your new allies to begin designing and attracting the miracles you’ve been waiting for to come into your life.

To begin, in a letter, a prayer, meditation, journal, or spoken word directly tell your crystal what it is going to help you manifest. Ideally, you won’t use the same crystal to manifest the money that you will love. Different desires = different frequencies.

Be well-defined when describing what you want to manifest while also being open to something more. I like to finish my manifestation requests by saying “this or something better”. Amplify the energy of your manifestation requests with candles, breathwork, yoga, meditation, or other high-vibrational activities. 

The final step to manifest miracles using your crystals is to release your attachment to the outcome and trust that what you seek is seeking you. Do this daily and you will notice, with the help of your crystal practice, there is nothing you can’t attract into your reality.

Happy manifesting, Goddess.

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