Where to Put Your Crystals & Why it Matters

A Room-to-Room Guide to Shifting the Energy in Your Space

Want to know where to put your crystals for the most energetic impact? Here is a room-by-room guide to making the most of what your crystals can offer you and your space along with where you wouldn’t want to keep certain crystals.

Why Does it Matter Where Crystals are Kept?

Intentionally placing your crystals in specific spots around your home and office helps illuminate their purpose and supports the environment you’re trying to create.

It’s common for smaller crystals to be kept together on an alter or your nightstand for individual use during meditation, journaling, prayer, or manifesting. And you should definitely keep those practices that work for you.

But putting crystals around your home will create an energy field that’s hard to deny and can have a powerful effect on the vibrations and dynamics in your home.

You might want more restorative and calming crystals in the bedroom, prosperous and abundantly energized gems in your home office, and a more balancing and joy-filled stone in space where many people (and their energy) spend time--like the living room or kitchen.

Bathroom: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, & Jade

The bathroom is where a lot of self-care and self-love happen. It’s a personal space where you get dolled up, wash away the day, and maybe even shed a few tears in the tub. In a lot of ways, your bathroom has seen the most vulnerable sides to you.


This sacred part of your home is fitting for Aquamarine, referred to as the “fountain of youth” crystal. It’s suggested to keep this near your cosmetics and skincare. Jade is a lighter energy. It’s cleansing, loving, and accepting. It’s no coincidence this crystal is used in a facial massage tool--a Jade roller. Lastly, the self-love crystal, Rose Quartz. RQ helps you show compassion to yourself, let go of a bad day, or boost your confidence first thing in the morning.

Selenite isn’t a bathroom-compatible crystal because moisture in the air or countertops can actually dissolve the crystal.

Office: Citrine, Pyrite, & Azurite

Whether you’re watching stock patterns, painting your next masterpiece, or publishing a weekly blogpost, your office space demands creative, focused energy and that’s exactly what you’ll get with these crystals.

Citrine promotes an abundance attitude and is great if you’re looking for your next big business idea. Pyrite promotes wealth and prosperity, and if there is any room for chance in your field of work, Pyrite helps tip the odds in your favor. Azurite is my personal favorite to keep right on my desk. This helps promote mental clarity and laser-focus. 

Put these crystals on top of paperwork that needs your attention, at the base of your computer or anywhere in plain sight within your workspace.

Kitchen: Apatite & Lapis Lazuli

Speaking of creativity, the kitchen can be equally as magical. I like to create a space that inspires me to create meals with more than 2-3 ingredients 🤭, helps with digestion, and promotes nourishment and gratitude. 

Apatite crystals are a stunning blue and bring inspiration and excitement to each meal. It’s also fun to keep this crystal around to motivate you with and health goals. I’ve even used it to manifest while preparing food and drinks to infuse my own energy into the food I consume.

Lapis Lazuli is another blue beauty to keep in the kitchen. It evokes a deep sense of calm and awareness so that you’re always present. If you seek more mindfulness with your food choices, this is a go-to.

Dining Room: Turquoise & Green Fluorite

If you’re tired of eating on the go and want to make your meals more of a ritual and time to enjoy your own company or the company of others, Turquoise is a great way to shift an often overlooked space in the home.

Turquoise imparts a sense of gratitude and enjoyment along with a heightened sense of nourishment physically and spiritually. Not to mention, makes a stunning centerpiece. 

Green Fluorite is known for its physical benefits--specifically with the digestive system, intestines, stomach, and colon. It’s a great crystal for those with food or digestion sensitivities to keep in the space where you enjoy your meals.

Living Room: Selenite & Apophyllite

The living room is meant for lounging and fun. It’s also a place for community with others in your space or your fur babies.

With so much energy going in and out of this part of the home, Selenite is great for restoring energetic balance and absorbing unwanted vibes. Selenite is suitable for most rooms in the house because it’s great for cleansing negativity and is energetically purifying

Apophyllite is great for destressing and adding a healthy dose of energetic fun and lightheartedness to a space.

Bedroom: Amethyst, Garnet, & Selenite

Last but certainly not least, the bedroom. The coziest and most important place you spend your time, the bedroom should be restorative. To support your sleep, ground your body and mind, and keep you safe from bad dreams--turn to Amethyst and Selenite.

Not only are they some of the most stunning crystals available, but are well-known for their soothing abilities. Working directly with your crown and third eye chakras, Amethyst can ease overthinking at night so falling asleep comes easier.

If you want to spice up your bedroom activity, Garnet evokes passion, sensuality, and closeness while Selenite helps balance and harmonize the energy between yourself and another. Clear Quartz is a crystal you may want to keep away from your bedroom as it can create active energy making it harder to sleep.

There is a good spot in every room for a crystal that will optimize the vibes you seek. I encourage you to see what can happen when you move your precious stones about your home. Feel the energy shift as you choose the optimal place for the crystals to emulate their frequencies.