A Beginner’s Guide to Meditating With Crystals (Step-by-Step)

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditating With Crystals (Step-by-Step)

Meditating with crystals starts as a simple practice that can quickly turn into a 4th-dimensional experience.

If you’re wanting to vibe higher, invite better frequencies into your life, open up and align with your purpose, and renew your energy--there really is nothing quite as effective as meditating with crystals.

In this brief beginner’s guide, I’ll walk you through the first and most essential 6 steps that will pave your journey toward soul elevation and activation using your breath, intentions, and Earth’s precious gems.

Step #1 Choose Your Crystals

Until you’re energetically familiar with crystals and how you respond to them, just feel your way through the selection process. Don’t get caught up in the “oohs and ahhs” of a shiny crystal. Rather drop into your heart-center when looking at a picture or holding a crystal before taking it home.

Some may feel heavy, for example, when holding Hematite you may feel extremely grounded (which is exactly what it does). But if you’re looking for energy, inspiration, and creativity, you may be drawn to the almighty Citrine crystal

It also doesn’t take much to do a little research on the story, meaning, and benefits of crystals beforehand. Either way, once the gem is yours, the experience with it becomes very personal.

Step #2 Making Space

When meditating with crystals, the space you choose for your practice is almost as important as selecting the crystals you’re working with. You want to go somewhere you’re most comfortable, where the energy’s clear, and there aren’t distractions.

I like going out in nature, by the beach, near a pond, or my meditation room. Learn how to create your very own sacred space, here.

Step #3 Set Intention

With your crystals in hand and the perfect place for your practice, it’s time to set your intentions. Keeping a journal specifically for meditating with crystals is a great way to align your practice with your intentions and be able to track your manifestation and spiritual development journey.

If you’re not into journaling, simply focusing on your intentions or even praying are great ways to get into the emotional and spiritual space of allowing.

Intentions are extremely personal but can look something like this:

My intentions for the next 15 minutes is to align with the energy of this Rose Quartz to heal from heartbreak, realign with myself, and welcome in all opportunities to feel and be loved.

Step #4 Stay Open

Clear and specific intentions are the perfect way to sink into your meditative practice, but staying open is key to allowing the universe into your experience.

Detach from your expectations when meditating with crystals and be open to the thoughts, emotions, and guidance that may arise.

There are times you set aside 10 minutes to meditate with Citrine with the intention of unlocking your creativity to perform better at work only to be tearing up 20 minutes later because the universe has drawn your attention to the abundance blocks that have hindered your inspiration for years.



You just never know, but the opportunity to heal and ascend is greater when you remain curious about what each practice may bring day-to-day. 

Step #5 Breathe + Observe

After you’ve set your intentions, then what? Just sit there?

Well, yes! Oh, and breathe...it’s good to breathe.

When meditating with crystals you become a passive participant in your life. It’s the ego that wants to go, go, go, and take action until something is achieved. However, in a spiritual practice like this, magic is found in stillness.

Thoughts are going to arise and distract you from being a still passenger of the present moment. Don’t fight them. They don’t go away. Simply notice them and let them continue to pass by like clouds in the sky. No need to attach to thoughts and run with them.

Observe, breathe, remember your intentions, and listen for the quiet whisper of the higher self. It’s there within, beyond the noise of thoughts.

Step #6 Commit 

Finally, the last and most influential step is to commit to meditating with crystals daily. Multiple times a day if you can. The emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of re-centering with your favorite precious stone are best achieved when you do it regularly. 

Meditating with crystals is an act of self-love and self-care that is worth the tiniest fragment of your day, every day.

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We wish you a love-filled journey as you begin meditating with crystals, aligning with your highest self, and experiencing life more abundantly.

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