How To Cleanse Your Crystals

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

It is of utmost importance to clean any new crystals that come your way to clear them of any energy that they may have picked up during their previous journey

Because we all want a fresh start for our new journey with our crystals, it’s crucial that the first step you take is cleansing your crystals. Crystals tend to hold onto negative energy and so that is why we're going to want to cleanse our crystals.  Whether that be negative energy from someone else or negative energy from you, you’re going to want to cleanse them, especially if you are doing any energy work with it or using them in your crystal grids.

cleansing crystals for crystal grid

Unless you’re doing some kind of energy work with them, the rule of thumb is to generally cleanse and recharge your crystals about once a month, unless something unusual is going on. You will know if you have some sort of funky energy. It’s best to use your intuition when it comes to cleansing your crystals. Read the five simple methods to cleanse and recharge your crystals which you can implement today!

Smudge Your Crystals  

The first method is to smudge your crystals. You can either choose from a sage stick or palo santo. It's your preference, there are some people that find the sage very bothersome because of their allergies make your eyes water. Palo santo seems to be the more mild and gentle choice. It’s totally up to you. 

palo santo crystal cleansing

I love them both it just depends on my mood. What you will want to do is light your sage or palo santo and take your crystal and wave your crystal through the smoke back and forth, which is going to cleanse the crystal of any negative energy. It’s very similar to how you would smudge your home or your body and do it for anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes and then and that’s it your crystal is cleansed. 

Cleanse Your Crystals With Water

Just like we use water to bathe to shower and it runs off that negative energy, dirt, and grime from the day that's the same concept with your crystals. So you can use running water from the tap, bath, even better if you have a  stream or lake.

All you have to do is take your Crystal and run it under the water. The idea is that the negative energy will run off the crystal with the water and down the drain or down the stream or wherever you are choosing to cleanse your crystal. 'll generally take a crystal and run it under the water for about a minute For Crystal points I like to turn them over and let the water run from the bottom to the top. Also, you can take your crystals and you can submerge them in a bowl of water and just make sure they are submerged and leave them as long as you like. A little warning, THERE ARE SOME CRYSTALS THAT WON” T WORK WELL WITH WATER. Selenite is one of those as well as hematite. Hematite will rust from the water. For that reason, some stay away from the water immersion crystal method but it is a method. 

Sunlight or Moonlight Crystal Cleansing

The sunlight or moonlight crystal cleansing method is a popular one and one of my personal favorites. Not only do you cleanse your crystals you also recharge your crystals from the energy of the moon or sun. With the sunlight method, like the water, sometimes sunlight affects the chemistry of the crystal. For example, Amethyst will fade if it has too much direct sunlight. You want to make sure you're careful, but you can take your crystals and leave them in the sunlight directly for about 30 minutes or so.

cleanse amethyst crystals in sun
Remember if you leave them out to long you can come back to a clear looking crystal! You also have the method of cleansing them with the moonlight. A popular method among many, especially when it’s a full moon. Full moons are the perfect time to cleanse your crystals. You take the energy of the full moon to cleanse and charge your crystals. Put them directly wherever you think they will receive the most moonlights. You can leave them out all night and wake up to the cleanest and charged crystals in the morning. 


Cleanse Your Crystal in Sea Salt 

Take a bowl of sea salt and put your crystals in the bowl of sea salt and make sure it’s completely submerged in the salt. You can leave it in there from 30 minutes to 3 days! It’s up to you. You can also bury them into the natural earth and submerge it in-ground, sand or clay. The same instructions are in effect here if you decide to use natural elements of the earth. 

Use Your Own Positive Energy

This is usually the simplest method, but this method does require you to have self-confidence and that you believe in your own power because you're going to use your own energy to cleanse your crystals. Take your crystals, close your eyes, take deep breaths and relax your body. Now imagine a white light is beaming down into your crown chakra and move it down into your body. You can now use your positive energy you are receiving to cleanse the crystals you have in your hand. You can do this for a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes and if you really concentrate you can feel the charging process! You can add a mantra or say a meditation to amplify your intention to cleanse.This is a great way to do a quick cleanse for your crystal, in times that there is no full moon.

You might want to try them all to figure out how your crystals feel after each method. Comment below if you have tried any of these methods and add your own twist! 


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