Kundalini Citrine Cluster 35 lb ( Collectors Citrine)

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Behold the extraordinary and extremely rare 35 lb Kundalini Citrine from Congo! This museum-quality crystal is an extra-large piece weighing an impressive 35 lbs, with cascading forms that boast a beautiful golden citrine color.

However, obtaining intact material from this region can be quite challenging due to its bad mining practices and difficult logistics. Nonetheless, we meticulously select only the highest quality material and inspect each piece to ensure its museum-quality preservation and lack of damage.

Our older material boasts angular finger-like clusters, while more recent deposits yield classic cascading habits with richer colors, ranging from smokey to morion citrine specimens. On rare occasions, we even come across black specimens, which makes this crystal even more unique and special.

Please note that our pricing is based on several variables such as color, preservation, and lack of damage, with each piece graded accordingly. Despite this, we are proud to offer A-grade pieces that are near-intact, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

To provide more details, here are some bullet points to further describe our Kundalini Citrine:

  • Museum-quality crystal
  • Extra-large piece weighing 35 lbs
  • Cascading forms with golden citrine color
  • Meticulously selected for quality
  • Older material has angular finger-like clusters
  • Recent deposits yield classic cascading habits
  • Richer colors from smokey to morion citrine specimens
  • Rare black specimens occasionally available
  • Pricing based on color, preservation, and lack of damage
  • A-grade pieces are near-intact
  • Size: 12 inches in length, 3 inches in height, and 10 inches in width
  • Locality: Lwena, Congo

Experience the wonder and beauty of this museum-quality extra-large piece of Kundalini Citrine from Congo today!

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