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Handcrafted with Love, Transparency, and a Commitment to Sustainability

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Welcome to our Ethical Crystal Jewelry Collection at Amethyst Goddess, where style meets consciousness.

We believe in the power of crystals and the importance of sustainable sourcing. Our collection isn't just stunning; it’s also ethically crafted, with each piece telling a story of responsible mining, fair labor practices, and superior quality.

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Why Care?

Why Sustainable Sourcing Matters?

We believe jewelry should not only look beautiful but also reflect values that you can feel good about. That's why we source our raw materials – gold, silver, rough stones, and crystals – only from legal providers, ensuring a transparent supply chain.

 All our jewelry is crafted in-house by employees with stable jobs and fair labor benefits. Plus, our gold doesn't come at the expense of the Amazon rainforest but is sourced from underground mining in the Andean desert mountains.

Our partnership with our supplier, has over 35 years of conservation experience, our partnership with our supplier ensures our environmental impact is kept low, and our upcoming ecological mining project will further solidify this commitment.

Our silver and gold products contain no toxic elements like nickel, cadmium, or lead. Instead, we offer only top-quality, ethically sourced pieces. Unless otherwise stated, our jewelry is made in Peru, providing stable jobs while reducing our carbon footprint. By choosing Amethyst Goddess, you're not just wearing jewelry; you're supporting ethical practices, sustainable sourcing, and the people of Peru. Wear a piece of the Earth without guilt. 

Explore the Difference In Our Ethical Crystal Jewlery Producion

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Sustainable Gold for Crystal Jewelry

Comming from legal sources, our gold does not destroy Amazon rainforest but comes from Andean desert mountain underground mining.  Our own gold mining project for ecological mining is waiting for last permits to start operation in the second half of the year

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Carbon-Neutral Crystal Jewelry

We work with biologist in the region of Peru who makes it their mission to in nature conservation environmental impact is kept as low as possible during the entire production chain.

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Fair Labor Practices

Our jewelry production and lapidary stone cutting are handled 100% in-house by our skilled team. Every employee who specializes in our fair trade crystal jewelry in Peru has a labor contract, stable employment, and all required benefits. With us, you can be confident that no unethical labor or shadow business practices are involved.

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"My mission at Amethyst Goddess is to bring treasures from the Earth without exploiting it, and to offer beautiful, ethically sourced jewelry that empowers both the wearer and the artisans behind it." – [ Stacy ]

At Amethyst Goddess, we are proud to team up with South America's first truly ethical and sustainable mining company. With their full transparency in mining, lapidary work, and fair labor practices, we strive to  bring you beautiful, holistic jewelry while minimizing our environmental impact. Nearly 46% of our CO2 emissions come from managing waste across the production chain in crystal mining.

 By responsibly handling waste and partnering with ethical miners, we strive to set a new standard in crystal jewelry – one that values transparency, sustainability, and a deep respect for the Earth.