Crystal Skulls: How They Work And How To Use Them

Crystal Skulls: How They Work And How To Use Them

A crystal skull is a large piece of polished crystal that has been stylized to resemble a human skull. Skulls can also resemble an animal-shaped head or that of an extraterrestrial. Some can take on larger or smaller shapes and are most commonly Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine, or Citrine-- but there is no limit to which crystal can be carved into a skull. 

Crystals skulls usually generate a polarizing reaction. People are either strongly drawn to them or feel some sort of fear or disinterest. In this article, I want to highlight these beautiful and unique crystal structures because they can offer some of these most significant energetic crystal experiences. Also, I’m going to share when, where, and how you can get your hands on your very own crystal skull.

The Power of Crystal Skulls

Humans have worked with crystal skulls for more than 2,000 years. In years past, the crystal skull had an unfair stigma attached to it, leading some to believe they had to do with occult activity or black magic. While there may be some out there using the crystal in such a way, that couldn’t be further from the true nature of a crystal skull.

Divine in their won right, crystal skulls are incredibly protective, especially concerning the spiritual battle we fight. Psychic protection can manifest in our lives in many ways that include:


  • Preventing negative emotions from others to penetrate your energy field (think evil eye energy)
  • Block any ill-will sent your way
  • Alleviates dark emotions that spur depression and anxiety
  • Protect your aura


The healing power of a crystal skull makes it a great piece for a new home, where stagnant or leftover energy may linger. It’s also great to keep on your desk at work. With many energies surrounding you, a crystal skull can keep you safe from unwanted energetic exchanges.


Dark-colored crystals skulls (deep purple amethyst, smoky quartz, obsidian, etc.) Are especially good for grounding. Pulling the energy from the root chakra, a crystal skull is excellent for charging life-force energy from the earth, upward. This supports your fight or flight response, allowing you to feel safe, desirable, and renews self-esteem.


The unique vibration of a crystal skull spiritual enlightenment and wisdom and activate the crown chakra. If you are intuitive or psychic, the crystal skull is great for channeling downloads and messages from beyond.


Agate Crystal Skulls


One very important thing to note about Crystal Skulls is that they will reflect energy. So they are capable of pulling out truths that you’ve hidden from even yourself. Ideal for shadow work, Crystal Skulls are will help you rebuild and heal yourself from the inside out.


Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to how to working with powerful crystals, but one of the major benefits of a crystal skull is that it will energetically guide you. When meditating with it in hand or nearby, there will be an intuitive pull and clarity will be given to illuminate the areas of your life that require your focus and attention. Sometimes it’s healing, sometimes it’s expansions, but every time the skull makes it crystal clear.

How to Activate & Work With a Crystal Skull

Crystal Skulls witness everything around them. This makes it twice as important to cleanse your crystal skull upon arrival. At AmethystGoddess, we cleanse all crystals before sending, but it isn’t a bad idea to do your own ritual. This can be done with a quick prayer, focusing on imagery of white light washing over the crystal, or smudging. Because it’s so important to do so, I wrote an entire guide on it.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals


Once that’s done, you can now activate the crystal skull and begin to tune into its vibration or a personal and intimate connection. There are many ways to do this, so go with what feels natural for you. One way is to place your hands on the cranium and picture and envision an energy exchange between you and the crystal. Picture your life force and that of the crystals as two bright lights of different colors, flowing in a continuum. Then before each “session” you can set your intention for the crystal’s skull or allow it to guide you.

What Makes Crystal Skulls Unique?

Besides its shape and energy, the crystal skull is unique because of its history. Ancient healing, magic, and what we now call manifestation were all purposes the skull shape served for over 2,000 years. Thousands of years later, and you can have your very own Crystal Skull to ignite your own divine power, ground yourself, find spiritual security, and empower all of your spiritual and material pursuits.

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