Crystals for Guidance: Which Stones Will Help You Make a Decision?

Crystals for Guidance: Which Stones Will Help You Make a Decision?

Our crystals bring forth so much positive and cleansing energy, but they’re here to do more than make us feel better or align chakras. If you haven’t made crystals an active part of your daily life, you’re missing out! These gems are gentle but clear compasses when you lose your way.

2020 has been exhausting and between the global pandemic, upcoming elections, and a massive energetic shift in consciousness around the globe--you likely came to a crossroads of sorts and had to make difficult decisions.

In this article, we’ll explore the crystals that are best used for a variety of big and small decisions that we all have to make.

Crystals For Clarity

Your brain makes thousands of decisions every day. But even those aren’t as exhausting as a single decision that can weigh heavy on the heart or change your life in unclear ways. 

Should you leave your current job and move toward a more fulfilling career?

Is it time to walk away from a relationship that’s no longer good for you?

Should I Make That Phone Call?

Making decisions with the help of crystals is done by unlocking chakras. For clarity, the best thing you can do is open the third eye chakra. This allows you to see and understand things that only your intuition can anticipate. When you’re not able to tap into your intuition (which undoubtedly holds all the answers), it means you are cut off from your greatest source of guidance, assurance, and courage.

These powerful crystals help open the third eye chakra giving you access to your internal compass. 

Flourite - Will help remove imagined pressure you may put on yourself to make the right decisions faster. Flourite also helps the heart chakra so that you can take chances that believe in and also balances the energy around you.

fluorite crystals for decision making

Amethyst - This beautiful deep purple stone is beloved throughout the crystal-holders worldwide. The amethyst is ideal for clarifying your purpose in life. It serves as a gentle reminder of the big picture so that you can make meaningful decisions to get where you’re destined to be.

Hematite - Exudes tremendous grounding powers so that you aren’t influenced by people, time, circumstances, or energy that surround the decisions you need to make. Opens the root chakra.

Crystals For Intuition & General Guidance

Sometimes tapping into your intuition can become even more confusing. The heart can feel two conflicting emotions at once. And since emotions are what drives many of our decisions, sometimes the mind that offers a logical perspective can bring balance to the decision-making process.

labradorite crystals for decision making

These crystals allow you to step outside of your situation and see all angles and possibilities without the overwhelming influence that temporary emotions can have.

Labradorite - Not all big decisions require an equally dramatic response. Labradorite has a calm of guiding you toward your deepest desires and nudging you to take subtle baby steps in the right direction.

Moonstone - Perfect for new beginnings, Moonstone soothes emotional instability and helps create new mental space so that you don’t miss an opportunity that is being clouded by overthinking and over feeling. 

Adventurine - Adventurine promotes general wellness, independence, and calmness. This beautiful crystal is great for taking leadership over your life, playing big with confidence, and encourages decisiveness. 

Crystals For Courage

Sometimes we already know the answers to our questions, the best decision is felt in our heart and soul but it’s just a matter of being brave and taking the plunge.

Making big decisions can be terrifying but these crystals reflect all the courage you have within to do what you have to.

Carnelian - Enhancing your sense of individuality, autonomy, and harmony, the carnelian offers you the courage to take the path less travel. If your decisions are heavily influenced by the opinions of others, this crystal will help you be brave and boldly do what you believe is best for you.

Tiger’s Eye - This ancient talisman is referred to as the “stone of the mind”. It combines the energy of the Sun and Earth. Thus, it will ground you while giving you energy and motivation to take necessary action without hesitation.

Aquamarine - Formally known as the stone of courage and protection or a warrior gemstone, Aquamarine is great to wear as a necklace since it helps the throat chakra allowing you to say what needs to be said.

Stand in Your Power

Crystal and the best companions to turn to when making meaningful decisions in life. They never judge, ridicule, or overly influence. They simply create alignment within you so that every choice made is your own. 


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