8 Powerful Crystals for Pisces Season

8 Powerful Crystals for Pisces Season

Pisces season is a special time for all of us. You don’t have to be born this month to feel the intense Piscean energy. Over the next few weeks emotions (good and bad) can be felt deeply. There is an energetic invitation to explore our emotions and our connection to others and the Universe.

Weird things can happen during Pisces season, use these crystals to help you navigate the most spiritually inclined time of year.

Stir Your Creativity With Blue Lace Agate

Use Blue Lace Agate to unlock the wealth of imagination that floods our minds during Pisces season. Pisces is the sign of the daydreamer however, Piscean energy struggles evolving ideas into plans or action.

Blue Lace Agate is great for dissolving apprehension and hesitation. Lean into your creativity and believe in the possibilities. Use Blue Lace Agate to become so inspired that you take action. Don’t let every idea drift away with the clouds. Some of the best creations can happen during Pisces season.

Fall in Love With Rose Quartz 

No one falls in love like a Pisces. But this love tends to be based on ideals and not necessarily the person or their compatibility. Use Rose Quartz to ground your emotions. The crystal of love improves your intuition and discernment so that you can trust your emotions.

Rose Quartz Pendulum-Peaceful Mind-Amethyst Goddess

Rose Quartz also helps attract genuine connections. We are all a little vulnerable during Pisces season and Rose Quartz is a great way to protect a fragile heart.

Have a Spiritual Awakening With Amethyst

Amethyst is the Pisces Birthstone. It makes sense that the most spiritual sign and the most spiritual crystals work well together. Pisces occupies the 12th house of Astrology. The 12th house is all about expansions, spirituality, awakening, and ascension. 

Polished Amethyst Egg With Druzy Lavender Amethyst-Amethyst Goddess-Amethyst Goddess

Use Amethyst to open your third eye and to safely experience everything on the other side of the veil. Spiritual awakenings can be quite uncomfortable but Amethyst holds your hand and nurtures you through the process.

Tap Into Your Intuition With Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli puts you in touch with your highest self and magnifies your internal compass–your intuition.

Use Lapis Lazuli to open your mind. The intuition is naturally heightened during Pisces season and this powerful crystal can help you decode downloads from the Universe. Whether it’s a gut feeling or clear foresight, Lapis Lazuli will help you navigate your psychic abilities.

Angelite- Spiritual Ascension

Pisces season has a little psychic energy in the air and has a whole lot of magic. Angelite crystals can enhance your spiritual gifts and align you with your intuition.

Never doubt your gut instincts with Angelite by your side. This crystal will help you safely travel the astral plane, explore your subconscious mind, or tune into a higher-calling.

Protect Your Empathy With Black Tourmaline

With the Sun in Pisces, we’re all keener to pick up what others are feeling. That can help us become more connected and caring but too much of the wrong kind of energy can leave you tired, weak, and agitated.

Black Tourmaline is great for absorbing negative energy that can drain you. It’s also great for attracting only desirable energy and repelling people and situations with a toxic dark cloud over them.

Release and Restore With Rhodonite

Rhodonite does what a few other crystals combined do. It’s s masterful healer of old wounds and emotional inflictions. Rhodonite crystal is perfect for emotional Pisces season as it restores hope, balance, peace, and mental clarity so that you can live authentically.

If you’ve experienced any level of rejection, it may have changed you. But a Pisces isn’t meant to fit the mold, it’s meant to shatter it entirely. To make a new way. Rhodonite restores the strength and confidence necessary for expressing the full depth of your personality–the version of yourself before the pain, suffering, and heartache.

Gain Control and Clarity With Selenite

Selenite is notorious for cleansing the aura and lifting the fog. Inner guidance is all about getting clear on who you are, your core values, and figuring out what you want most. Selenite promotes inner-truth and tunes you in with spiritual frequencies.


Selenite can remove negative self-talk that blocks the crown chakra and the mind. This purifying crystal can also rid the aura of harmful and limiting beliefs. Selenite releases confusion and invites clarity by opening the heart and mind. Use selenite at the end of the day to clear excess energies and restore yourself to a place of balance and groundedness. These are essential to surviving Pisces season unscathed.

With these 8 powerful crystals, you can safely enjoy Pisces season with compassion, generosity, and heightened curiosity.

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