Andean Opal: Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

Opal is found and revered across the globe and can be found all over, from Canada to Ethiopia, Australia to Madagascar. But none as rare and beautiful as the Andean Opal.

Andean Opal also referred to as Peruvian Opal, comes from the Andes Mountain and is a unique, Caribbean sea blue or a soft, carnation pink. This gemstone is a brittle crystal with a strong history.

In Peru, natives believe that Andean Opal is a gift from Pachamama, an early Incan goddess of Earth and time. The crystal gets its name from a Sanskrit derivative, Upala meaning precious stone. It was then called Oppalius in ancient Rome meaning hope.

Often considered a source of strength, Andean Opal still remains a powerful crystal for guidance, inspiration, and clarity.

Andean Opal Vs. Other Opal

The primary differences in Opal depending on where it’s minded, are the colors, dullness, opalized fossils, and veins. Basically, how it looks.

Standard Opal

Andean Opal sticks out because of its bright color and distinct structure. Its luminosity is sharp, bright, and clear. Other opal has a tendency to be dull or foggy and is commonly brown, orange, or smoky white.

Andean Opal Spiritual Meaning

For such a delicate crystal, Andean Opal holds a high frequency that resonates with all seven chakras. Opal can be used to balance chakras one by one.

Opal for the Root Chakra clears fear and makes connectedness more evident and obvious.

Opal for the Sacral Chakra can enhance fertility and acceptance.

Opal for the Solar Plexus Chakra invites in ancient wisdom and unconditional joy.

Opal for the Heart Chakra evokes compassion, love, and forgiveness

Pink Andean Opal is especially powerful for Heart Chakra healing.

Andean Opal Towers

Opal for the Throat Chakra removes hesitation and strengthens the clarity in communication.

Opal for the Third Eye Chakra heightens intuitions and removes delusions and denial.

Opal for the Crown Chakra invites spiritual growth and divine connection.

Outside of Chakra healing and alignment, Andean Opal is a balancing crystal suitable for when life feels unstable, unfocused, and unclear. Opal is also believed to give its user a healthy dose of optimism.

Andean Opal Affirmations

One of the fastest ways to tap into Andean Opal spiritual benefits is through writing, reading, or reciting Andean Opal Affirmations.

I am full of compassion and love.

I forgive others and myself.

I free myself from unhelpful emotional ties.

I untie the cord of fear and trepidation.

I release delusion and invite clarity.

The Universe sends me signs of confirmation.

With focused mindfulness, I clear my mind and free myself from overthinking.

I am gentle and welcoming.

I am brave and face life with courage.

I purify my thoughts from negativity and catastrophizing.

How to Use Andean Opal

Andean Opal comes in a few forms that are best used in different ways and for different purposes.

Peruvian Opal Towers

Andean Opal Towers are best used to harness the healing benefits of opal within the environment. Keep in an open space, on your desk, nightstand, or anywhere you need the gentle, balancing energy of this beautiful, healing crystal.

Peruvian Opal towers are also pretty stellar to look at and make for a unique centerpiece.

Andean Opal Jewelry

Want to remain in a state of calm? Who doesn’t? Wear Andean Opal jewelry like this gorgeous Pink Oval Peruvian Opal Ring. Wearing opal helps with clear thinking, focus, and patience throughout your day.

Opal Pendants

Opals are great for finding purpose and direction. Use an Opal pendant for questions. Hold the pendant above your left hand and establish which way it swings for a “yes” and which way it swings for a “no”. Then let the questions flow.

If the pendant’s motion becomes unstable, you are not in a receiving frequency. Return to it after a brief meditation so that you are energetically open to its answers.

Tumbled Opal

Tumbled Andean Opal is a simple but important addition to any crystal collection. Tumbled opal is great to keep in your pocket for a pick-me-up, store in your purse, bra, wallet–anywhere you may need guidance from your little spiritual ally.

Other Opal Facts

Opal is associated with the month of October and is the Libra birthstone. This is fitting because this sign is all about balance and harmony! Opal is great for the wintertime. Has a Mohs hardness of 3-6.

Beyond the metaphysical and spiritual benefits of Opal, it is believed that this healing crystal can improve the health of your respiratory system, heal infections, reduce fever, and boost the immune system.

This tiny gem packs a powerful punch. If you’re looking for a new addition and great healing crystal for beginners, turn to Andean Opal.

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