Peruvian Pink Opal Towers for Heart Healing

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Gorgeous Peruvian Pink Opal, also known as Andean Pink Opal, has beautiful hues of pink swirls that range from pastel to deep magentas.  The frequency of pink Andean Opal connects to the heart chakra helping to heal one’s emotions and emotional body by acknowledging and releasing negative emotional energies no longer serving one.

This stone is is great to help open one’s heart centre to overcome stress related emotions and feelings by allowing one to become centred and calm and grounds these energies. It supports the meditative state of consciousness.

A problem of our time can be described with the words "too much brain, too little heart". This is where the strengths of the Andean Opal lie. It helps us to become more sensitive, friendly and open-minded in our actions and soothes shyness and excessive reluctance. At the same time it awakens our spirit of adventure and provides us with the necessary composure.

The ancient American high cultures of the Aztecs and Incas thought of the Andean Opal as an "eye of the gods", which the gods had left behind on earth. Especially during times of war , the andean opal was considered a stone of hope. The finders should be reminded of the original harmony of humans, animals and nature, so that the balance of powers would not disturbed too much. E

Color: light, pink, mostly with dark inclusions (dendrites)

Gloss: matt to glassy

Crystal System: amorphous

Fissility: no fissility, easily breakable, brittle

Occurrence: Peru
Each point varies in intensity of colors, dendrite ,weight. Please see the variants in the drop down menu and select the one that calls to you. You will receive the exact piece as show!

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