Pink Andean Opal Tumble Stones ( Peruvian Opal)

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These gorgeous pink opal tumbled stones are the sister of the blue andean opal. These tumble stones are soft to the touch with a matted feel, and have bands of yellows and whites running through them giving them a soft pink color. 

These are said to bring you courage and integrity, and promote self-esteem and self love. Our recommended tumble stone to have at all times and our top crystal to gift to friends and family.  Their soft pastel tumbled stones are also very beautiful wire wrapped for jewelry.

Whether you make jewelry or add these stones to your rock collection, or use it for spiritual healing or meditation, you can rest assured that you'll own a genuine quality, ethically sourced crystal with only great vibrations.  

Each tumble stone varies slightly color, size and inclusions. 

* Pink Peruvian Opal
* Size: .75"-1.5"