Crystals For Fertility

Crystals For Fertility

Trying to conceive can be beautiful and, let’s say, a more focused time of your life. When pregnancy doesn’t happen how and when you want it to, frustration, fear, and stress can flood your heart, mind, and spirit when all you want to do is make your energy and body a safe place to grow a life.

Crystals for fertility can help restore emotional, spiritual, and physical balance to a mommy-to-be.

Crystals for fertility will help relax and prepare you for what will be one of life’s greatest blessings. Here are the best crystals for fertility and how to use them.

Crystal Yoni Eggs

You can’t talk about crystals for fertility without discussing the powerful crystal yoni egg.

My favorite aspects of crystals beyond their physical beauty are the vibrational healing and energy soothing effects. But when it comes to fertility there is a very real physical aspect that needs nurturing. Crystal yoni eggs are semi-precious gemstones smoothed and shaped like eggs to be inserted into the vaginal canal to promote the strength and structure of the canal. Additionally, crystal yoni eggs stimulate the yoni or sexual energy. 

When trying to conceive, intercourse can feel like a chore as opposed to the enjoyable physical experience and soulful connection with your partner. Crystal yoni eggs will help intercourse remain an enjoyable and desirable experience.

Additional benefits are received through the crystal depending on what kind it is. It’s important to note that not all crystal eggs are yoni and are not meant to enter into the body but rather to be held over your womb during meditation or worn like other crystals.

The Chilean Phosphosiderite Egg is best used by putting it on display in the bedroom and to be held while meditating and setting intentions. Phosphosiderite is healing, restorative, and balancing. It’s connected to the third eye and heart chakra. It can bring peace and understanding.

Meditation with the Phosphosiderite Egg sends out a vibration of trust to the Universe, letting it know you accept and believe that you will become pregnant precisely when you’re meant to. No sooner, no later.

Yoni Agate Eggs restore balance between heart and mind and can serve to ground you. They are also meant to improve the health condition of the stomach and uterus. But they are very versatile and bring energy, inspiration, and motivation to achieve whatever goal you’ve set.


Moonstones are a great crystal for fertility. They help you never lose sight of your mission. The road to fertility isn’t easy for everyone and can be draining emotionally and physically.

Moonstones are is there to help you keep your eye on the prize by harnessing your feminine energy and natural instincts to become a mother.  It is said the Moonstone can help regulate menstrual cycles, normalize ovulation, and boost general fertility.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz carries plenty of divine feminine energy, enough to help you restore your own. It’s also calming and allows you to remain open to all possibilities of love. 

Rose Quartz addresses a multitude of imbalances that can impact fertility. Everything from diet, energy, hormones, and libido can be restored with the help of Rose Quartz.

Its soft pale complexion makes it easy to wear as jewelry. But, to make the most out of this beautiful crystal for fertility, go with a Rose Quartz Pendulum. Pendulums make for meaningful and powerful meditation and manifesting tools. Laying down comfortably, sway a Rose Quartz Pendulum in small circles, hovering just inches above your sacred female organs. Once you’re completely relaxed and focused send love to yourself and future baby. 

Use these affirmations for fertility while breathing deep into your Sacral Chakra to energize the Rose Quartz Crystal.

“My body is healthy and prepares itself to welcome a baby”

“I am designed to have a healthy and happy pregnancy”

“I wait patiently for you, little one”

“I am made of pure love and welcome new life”

“I will become pregnant at the perfect time”

“Patience, love, and care have helped prepare my body for pregnancy”

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz will ground and stabilize an anxious mind. Hold Smokey Quartz during exams or at-home testing to soothe stress, fear, and expectations. This crystal for fertility will keep you headstrong and absorb negative energy or thoughts surrounding pregnancy.

Smokey Quartz is especially good for women 35+ trying to conceive or struggle with hormonal imbalance.

Red Carnelian

Red Carnelian stimulated sexual desire and creativity. Sex should remain pleasurable and passionate, especially when trying to conceive. Keep the excitement alive with this bright crystal for fertility.

Red Carnelian is also known to stimulate the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, vagina, and cervix.


Fluorite helps balance hormones. It is especially good for women with chemical and hormonal imbalances like PCOS, Amenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Fibroids, Anemia, or Endometriosis. The crystal should be worn daily.


The presence of Aventurine crystals encourages fertility and may enhance the likelihood of pregnancy as well as make the pregnancy an enjoyable and positive experience. Aventurine promotes self-confidence and optimism. It will also keep you from losing yourself in the process of getting pregnant. 

Though you are a mother-to-be you remain a divine spiritual being, it’s important not to forget the fullness of who you already are. Use your crystals to call your energy back to yourself each day. This too will renew the vigor, love, and excitement you put into each cycle while trying to become pregnant.


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