8 Signs That You’re Spiritually Awakening

8 Signs That You’re Spiritually Awakening

When the current state of the world feels more like the “dark night of the soul”, it’s hard to imagine that you could experience a spiritual awakening. But if you’re already on a spiritual journey, the massive shifts in patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and systems that are occurring within the government and society could in fact expedite your ascension.

With chaos surrounding you, it’s easy to think you could be breaking down instead of breaking through. Here are 8 unmistakable signs that you’re spiritually awakening and how to embrace the process.

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

Questioning everything, wondering why you believe, feel, think or behave the way you do, can seem a bit like you’re going insane. It can be hard to tell what’s real-- What’s the truth.

Self-inquiries like these are usually the beginning stages of a spiritual awakening.

A few things that trigger a spiritual awakening include:

  • Trauma (collective or personal)
  • Rockbottom
  • Physical wakeup calls (illness or injury)
  • Curiosity
  • Travel
  • Reading
  • Crystals

Call it a dream or call it the matrix, but when the higher-self starts to see the deeper meanings beyond the illusion you were trained to believe in by people who were trained to believe in--you know it’s your spiritual wake up call.

What spiritual awakening ISN’T:

  • Constant positivity
  • A psychedelic trip
  • Psychology
  • Living in the wilderness and giving up all social constructs

While some of these experiences may be the route some will take, there a few more common things you’re likely to experience on your way to your breakthrough.

#1 Observing Your Attachments

Observing experiences and people you’re attracted to and analyzing life events and decisions that have brought you to where you currently are, is often a sign of spiritual awakening.


Where some may stop at evaluating and adjusting why and how they make certain decisions, those on a spiritual journey will dive deeper into the patterns in their environment that impact them. From caretakers, friends, intimate relationships, culture, society--you’ve absorbed so much like a sponge. When you begin observing these attachments and forms of identity--you start to peel back the layers of influence to get to the source of who you truly are.

#2 Enhance Authenticity

Eventually, enough observation will lead to enhanced authenticity in your life. When you are spiritually awakening you begin to say and do only the things you really believe in. 

An authentic life is far more fulfilling than doing what it is everything around you recommends. Your relationship with your intuition and higher-self deepens and you no longer live in the shadows of fear, worry, or regret.

#3 Desire to Be in Nature

The closer you become to yourself the more you may start to recognize the beauty in everything around you. Free from self-judgment and fear of others’ opinions, you may notice an urge to dance in the rain, bask in the sun a little longer, appreciate trees, flowers, nature walks, or the feeling of wind on your skin.


You’re picking up on the natural nuances of mother nature because you may start to feel this beauty is all here for you. That’s because it is.

#4 Connectedness

At a lower-vibrational reality, it’s nearly impossible to see the connectedness between signs, events, conversations, beings, and everything in between. As your awakening occurs, so do plenty of “coincidences”. Eventually, you’ll accept these feelings of connectedness and proof from the universe that you are in alignment with it.


Experiencing connectedness also plays a big role in developing your practice and the use of crystals. You’ll feel the healing power of amethyst intensify, the grounding effects of Hematite, and the tranquility brought on by jasper. The awakened person experiences incredible aliveness from inanimate objects.

#5 Frustration

Your journey will present with many ups and downs. One of those downs will be frustration. The frustration that others aren’t working on themselves, anger when you experience other people’s ego and lack of healing. Eventually, you will learn to observe others without judgment. Just as you began to notice your own behaviors and patterns at the beginning of this journey. You forged forward with love and grace for your old ways. It may require a little extra effort to do the same for others but it will come.

#6 Compassion

Spiritual awakening signs include a deep sense of compassion. Once the judgemental phase is the ego passes, it becomes obvious that everyone--including yourself, deserves warmth, understanding, and love.

#7 Acceptance

Acceptance is a big one. It’s something so monumental that if you hadn’t experienced any other sign--the feeling of total acceptance. When you fully allow yourself to observe things as they are, feeling no the desire to react, respond, or change what’s being observed--you’ll experience immense emotional and mental freedom  

#8 Inner Peace

Alas, the final sign that you’re spiritually awakening is inner peace. A genuine knowing flows within and without of you that brings calmness. You don’t need to be surrounded by people or distractions. You begin to love your alone time and prioritize your sacred inner peace.

Crystals For Spiritual Awakening

Crystals for spiritual awakening can be incredibly handy. They serve as little spirit guides that you can actually touch and feel. Crystals can make uncomfortable transitions easier, help you re-center when you feel you’ve lost your way, and will allow the ego to gentle fall away so that your third eye can open as you head upward to your higher self.

Here are a few powerful recommendations of crystals used for spiritual awakening:

  • Labradorite-Imparts spiritual strength and protection during awakening

  • Celestite-provides heavenly clarity during the re-learning process

  • Amethyst- Opening the third eye, expanding intuition

  • Carnelian-stabilizes energy, encourages growth

  • Clear Quartz-lights the way

Enjoy your journey!


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