Chrysocolla Skull

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Introducing the stunning Chrysocolla carved skull, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece weighing 812 grams and mined from the Peruvian coastal desert. This unique crystal skull boasts pure Chrysocolla veins in brown rock material and features a breathtaking bird's-eye view over a brown-green landscape with blue lakes and rivers.

Chrysocolla is a powerful crystal known for its healing properties, making it an ideal tool for use in spiritual and energy work. This crystal is said to help release negative energies, aid in communication, and bring peace and tranquility to the mind and body.

When using a crystal skull in healing work, the energy of the skull can help amplify your intention and focus your thoughts. The intricate carvings and unique features of this Chrysocolla skull make it a potent tool for meditation, energy healing, and spiritual growth.

Not only is this Chrysocolla skull an essential tool for energy work, but it also makes for a stunning addition to any collection. The intricate carvings and mesmerizing natural colors make this skull a true work of art.

In summary, the Chrysocolla carved skull is a must-have for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice or expand their crystal collection. Its unique features and potent healing properties make it a powerful tool for energy work, while its beauty and craftsmanship make it a true treasure to behold.

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