Amethyst Goddess Instagram Live Crystal Sales

Held exclusively on Instagram @amethystgoddesscrystals

Welcome !

I invite you to an up-close experience with our stunning crystals. Live crystals sales are held on every Sunday @ 5:30 PM EST on Instagram @amethsytgoddessscrystals. Dates and times are subject to change. We will always set countdown alarms on our Instagram page so do be sure to follow for updates. To access the sale, simply set a reminder from our live sale countdown and select the profile picture on our Instagram page and you instantly connect.

Our live sales are a fun, interactive experience with other crystal lovers. It’s also a safe way for you to shop these beauties from the comfort of your own computer or smartphone. During the live sale, feel free to ask questions, discover more about the founder and owner of AmethystGoddess, and unveil the mysteries of the crystals that attract you.

What to Expect

Items are shown one at a time. Using the best lighting, we ensure every angle and detail of our stones are highlighted. The name of the item and code will be given during the showing and the first comment or direct message will be able to claim the item.

There will be in-depth descriptions of the crystals, including but not limited to their source, design, colors, spiritual meanings, and recommended uses and placements.

Kindly note that you will appear first on your screen as per the Instagram algorithm but I will go according to the person who appears first on my screen. I am not responsible for any claims that get blocked by Instagram (though this is a rare occurrence).

Please claim only if you are 100% committed to making a purchase. We prefer not to accommodate switch-outs/back-outs as it is unfair to others who wanted that particular crystal during the IG live sale but couldn't get it. It also allows us to continue to streamline and simplify the live sale process.


All invoices will be sent within 24-48 hours of the live sale. Payment options accepted include [insert payment option images]

Please make prompt payment to help us get your orders to you as soon as possible.


Please see our shipping policy here

Track your order here

Refunds & Exchanges

Please see refund policy and procedures here

Being Responsible and Respectful

Please do not abuse our trust by not replying or backing out on your order. By doing so, you will be not allowed to join any future live and post-sales altogether. 

Live Sale can be exciting and fast-paced, however, do avoid over claiming and be responsible for either noting down your claims or taking a screenshot to help you keep track of your purchases.

Threats, bullying, hate speech, and harassment will not be tolerated. (Good vibes only community!)

 All of our packaging material is recyclable. Do try to reuse them if possible or dispose of them accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) My Comment appears first on my screen

As comments will appear differently on different screens due to a lot of technical reasons (connection speed etc.). Your comment will always appear first on your screen but may not be the same for us. We will announce the first name appear on our screen and the claim is final.

2) Can I claim a crystal and pass it to someone else?

We highly recommend not to as it will make it incredibly hard to keep up with the changes. We ship fast and any alteration could affect who the crystal gets sent to. Only bid with 100% certainty that it’s the crystal for you.

3) When do I have to make payment for my orders?

It is due within 24 hours after the invoice has been sent or according to your Affirm or QuadPay payment plan. We will automatically cancel orders if payment is not received within 24 hours. As we hope to always deliver out your parcel fast, clearing the payment sooner will help us to ship out your orders faster.

4) Where can I send feedback for my IG live sales experience?

All feedback/comments are welcome! We want to make it the best experience for you possible. Please contact to do so.

5) Can I add items from your website to my existing open box from Instagram?

Definitely! We are more than happy to keep your items in your open box for you and combine the shipping cost with an open cart on the website.

6) I might not be ready to buy. Can I still join the live sale?

Please do! We are a community first. There is no pressure to buy. Come enjoy the live shows, learn about your favorite gems, and make new friends.