Chuang Yi Gallery

"Chuang Yi" (Chwang-ee) is a powerful Chinese word with layers of meaning that encapsulate our business well. In one sense it translates into the English word "wealth," which refers to prosperity but also contentment. If you have browsed our collections, you may have noticed that many of our pieces have their roots in fengshui and eastern aesthetic traditions that focus on directing positivity and using the flow of energy to maximize health and fortune. This could lead to wealth or contentment, which we would argue are one in the same. According to this tradition, even the placement of the word itself within our business name puts it up front and center and can attract wealth, almost like the koi or the cat figurines you find in Chinese restaurants.

The other way it is often translated fits well into the word "creativity." This needs less of an explanation, as it's something we all do in one way or another. For me, it lies in framing and bringing attention to nature's beauty. Not only do I use my skills as a wire artist to cradle stones and pearls from all over the world, I use the wire to re-create the beautiful flowing shapes I find in nature that has a profound calming effect on me. My tree designs have been popular for years, and remain my signature look and my best selling line of jewelry.