Crystal Eggs

One of our favorite crystal formations at Amethyst Goddess, Crystal Eggs are a soothing stone  and powerful  crystal formation. Consider them to be "nature's stress balls." Versatile and functional, you can massage them in your hands to relieve tension,  refocus the mind, or massage your chakra points to diffuse anxiety or other emotional blockages.

Not only do they make great reflexology and acupuncture tools, but crystal Eggs can remind us for the beautiful divine feminine that lives within us! The many faces, colors, textures of the Yoni eggs... all of them are so unique, so different ... and just like our Yonis, completely perfect and absolutely dazzling. 

If you’re seeking the ultimate Goddess stone, look no further. The crystal eggs represent the ultimate feminine energy source of regeneration, rebirth, fertility, comfort and flourishing life force. 

Disclaimer: although I called them Yoni eggs, these are NOT for internal use. These are merely symbolic formations of the yoni

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