Andean Blue Opal

Get inspired by the  colors borrowed from the sea. Andean blue opal is a regional crystal from Peru. It's greenish-blue opaque color can appear slightly iridescent at times making any piece a beautiful range from turquoise to cyan blue.

So lush, it glows in the sun, reflecting its spectacular hues, from the shallows of the reef to the depths of the deepest ocean.

These crystals are formed in the Andes Mountains at relatively low temperatures in the presence of circulating, high silica-bearing waters and organic skeletons of diatoms, sponges, and fossilized wood, where you can find some pieces with dendrites inclusions.

It is believed by many that Andean Blue Peruvian opals are a gift from Pachamama, the Incan goddess of Earth and time. Andean Blue Opals possess a warm, hopeful, enthusiastic, and soothing energy. Their benefits are primarily connected with heart chakra, and then the throat, It's a crystal that can liberate emotions, lift the mood and aid inner reflection. 

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