How to Use Crystals to Tap Into Your Infinite Powers

How to Use Crystals to Tap Into Your Infinite Powers


When I write of your infinite powers, I don’t mean magic and wands. Nothing against you if that’s your thing--but this article is meant to explore the gifts we all already have! None of which has been taught, acquired or studied. They are innate. Unfortunately, as a product of the modern world, your infinite powers are likely trapped and untapped. 

Until now.

If you’ve ever felt an unshakeable lack of direction, purpose, or peace--you are in for a seriously glorious reintroduction to the abilities you have that will bring you pure bliss and a sense of all-knowing. To do this, we’re going to use my favorite tools of all--crystals, gems, and stones.

Discover how to use crystals to empower you to create the life you’ve always wanted by helping you understand:

What keeps your infinite powers trapped? 

How can you use crystals to awaken your dormant potential?

What will it mean to have access to all that you are?

Leaving no stone unturned, here are the crystals we’ve been gifted to resurrect our truest potential for love, peace, happiness, and harmony.

How Crystals Help

The healing energy-shift created with intentional use of crystals isn’t a modern, new-age trend. The beauty and powers of gemstones have danced across cultures, timelines, and civilizations. From the ancient Egyptian's belief in their protective and healing properties to the Chinese using them to harness Chi, to early Indian chakra-balancing techniques--the use of crystals is anything but new.

Nearly as ancient and complex as crystals are humans fight for survival, peace, and purpose. We might no longer need to worry about scavenging for our night’s meal or protecting ourselves from wild animals and nearby villages, but crystal practices continue to help us thrive through our own era of issues that include all sorts of trauma and emotional suffering.

So, since you’re not an Egyptian warrior or Indian guru, what use do crystals have for you?

Crystals, like all other things, contain a vibrational frequency. With effective intention setting and guidance supported by belief, energy from a variety of crystals can tune the frequency of your vibration to align with your highest good and unlock your infinite power. The most significant of which is love. Pure, unconditional love for yourself and for all things.

Think of your life as a radio box. When things aren’t aligned with the right frequency, you will hear static. Crystals act as the tuner to set your frequency to your favorite song.

Before working and playing with your crystals it’s important to note that they are not magical. You are the magic, you hold the power, and you are the source of all good. Crystals are just a compass that can be used to help navigate roadblocks that keep you from experiencing all that is good within yourself. 

Here’s how to make these tools work for you.

Unhinge The Grip of Trauma

There was a time you subconsciously knew how to thrive all on your own. Unapologetically, you blossomed by dreaming the biggest dreams and savoring the smallest pleasures. But then something happened that caused a dramatic shift in how you function. Maybe small at first, but over time it slowly robbed you of your potential for joy. Never all at once, just piece by piece.

Perhaps you know exactly what it is that happened, or maybe you can’t quite recall. Maybe it wasn’t a single moment and instead was a series of being exposed to the wrong things at the wrong times. In whatever way it manifested into your life, it is trauma that blocks access to your innate ability to experience bliss and hinders your ability to heal yourself and others.

Releasing past trauma is the first step in removing blockages and accessing your infinite powers. This is the most potent part of the process and includes some very special stones.

Crystals to Heal Trauma

Ocean Jasper- Relatively rare, this soothing crystal can help to release anger and bitterness. Drawing its name and significance from the sea, Ocean Jasper 

Amethyst- As you recover and release trauma you will begin to awaken to the most beautiful aspects of yourself. Amethyst helps you access the new ideas, hopes, dreams, and inspiration that come when you’re no longer blocked by fear, pain, shame, anger, or guilt. Amethyst is notorious for being the most powerful crystal for happiness and healing.

Access Unlimited Happiness

Phew! That was heavy! But it’s necessary to work through all that icky stuff to be able to achieve meaningful progress. These powers of yours require energy that your trauma can no longer leach from.

Now, the fun starts.

With all that free space you’ve created in your heart and mind by releasing what holds you back, your spirit is going to come rushing in making you a magnet to joy.


This ability to access your natural state of bliss is a great reminder that happiness isn’t a goal or a purpose, it’s everything. It is why you are here. If you’re on a quest to discover life’s meaning--surprise! You are the very essence of life-source and have been manifested to experience pure joy!

And again, you didn’t find it through a relationship, by traveling the world, or with a paycheck, you simply let go of what kept it away, and there it was.

Here are a couple of powerful crystals that keep you tuned into that happiness vibration and keep blockages at bay.

Crystals For Happiness

Rose Quartz- Associated with the opening of the Heart Chakra, Rose quartz is a soft pink crystal that will help you tap into an unlimited supply of unconditional love. It will strengthen your bond with your highest self and will attract more meaningful connections with others.

Black Tourmaline- This dark crystal will protect your new-found frequency by creating a barrier to negative energy. Ever enter a room and go from content to feeling off? Then you’ll want to guard your powers with this bold stone. 

Citrine- Citrine is a versatile stone but one of the most vibrant crystals for happiness. It helps in dissolving fear and anxiety by replacing it with gentle but invigorating energy. It’s perfect for restoring the pep in your step.

Become Fearless

If you’ve believed for so long that happiness is conditional then accessing your unlimited potential for pure joy and happiness may be intimidating or even scary for some of you.

Fear has a way of holding us back from so many things. Its intentions aren’t bad. Fear is trying to protect you from the unknown, something it can’t quite define clearly so tries to keep you away from it. Unless you’ve got a grip over your fears and anxiety it could be keeping you from all the good things you need. 

For example, if you’ve had unhealthy relationships it may be all you know. And subconsciously, you may fear your inability to find people that are good for you. Then along come emotionally balanced, stable, and good-intentioned people that your subconscious is struggling to identify because it’s unfamiliar territory. Fear can keep you from trusting them.

Similarly, this applies to life experiences like traveling, switching to a more fulfilling career, going to therapy, or making that hard phone call you keep resisting.

Who would you be if fear wasn’t holding you back and you primarily functioned from a place of trust, love, and confidence? 

Don’t look back at what would be different. I want you to take a big belly breath and look forward to what will be. Working and playing with the following crystals will open up your Solar Plexus Chakra where fear gets trapped and where your sense of power is rooted.

Crystals to Remove Fear

Labradorite-The transformation crystal, Labradorite is the ultimate David vs. Goliath stone that will help you shrink and conquer anything that’s holding you back. It will aid you in trusting that the unknown cannot harm you, only the fear of it can.

Red JasperPerfect for emotional protection and self-trust, Red Jasper is meant to boost your confidence and self-awareness while diminishing anxiety.

ObsidianObsidian is a grounding stone that will draw you back into your body when fear and life cause you to overthink. It’s also a powerful tool used in confronting your fears head-on, often involving shadow work and healing.

How to Use Your Crystals

It’s time to put your crystals to use! 

Here are easy and effective ways to play with your stones in order to let go of the years of trauma and karma you’ve been carrying around, experience unlimited happiness, and remain fearless as you finally begin to experience all the fullness life offers you.



  • Hold them! Not sure where to start? Just begin by carrying your crystals around. Throw ‘em in your purse, your pocket, or tumble them around in your hand.

  • Meditate with your crystals. Ready to set those intentions and assign your stones a purpose? Meditate with your crystals to take on their divine energy.

  • Wear them. Want 24-hour access to the healing and motivating powers of your charged crystals? Opt for them in jewelry form. Crystals come in pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings. I have found this the most meaningful way to stay tapped into my infinite powers.

  • Be creative with your crystals. If none of these traditional ways work for you, use your crystals in ways that speak to you. Your relationship with your gems is personal and unique, so do as you wish and have fun.

Enjoy the journey to discovering your infinite powers and your ability to create the best version of your life possible, all with a little guidance from earth’s beautiful and divine little helpers.

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