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The Solar Plexus is the yellow chakra located at the diaphragm.  Its Sanskrit name is manipura.  It is associated with our physical center, personal power, desire, inner-strength, emotions, instincts, and “gut” feelings.

If the solar plexus chakra becomes unbalanced, you may feel very stressed all the time and powerless to gain control, leaving you mentally and physically exhausted.   You may have “gut” feelings but are not sure of what or where they are coming from, contributing to your distress and discomfort.  The stress of an unbalanced solar plexus chakra also contributes to poor memory and concentration. Shop our solar plexus stones and tools to help you balance your Manipura chakra! 

Solar Plexus Crystals

The best crystals To balance or unblock the sacral chakra, are yellow crystals! Yellow crystals are known to Bring You Enlightenment, Optimism, Warmth, and Clarity.  Sacral Chakra crystals have unique vibrations can shift and transform energy.  Find an array of solar plexus stones to help you during reiki and meditation,


Orange Calcite

Tigers Eye
Agate                       Pyrite