Curated Crystal Statement Pieces

Find our top quality line of  curated crystals here! We have one-of-a kind, hand-picked crystals for interior designers, crystal collectors, and energetic healers. Many of the large crystals shown are one and done deal. Meaning we may never have the exact piece ever again. Prices are reflective on grade, size, quality and rarity! 

If you are looking to invest in your first statement piece into your home, then look no further for all kinds of choices to choose from. Find everything from XL display statement pieces of Amethysts, Minerals, crystal carvings, and clusters. Whether you want to amplify the energy in the room with a larger crystal or take the breath away from your visitors and guests, these statement pieces will definitely leave a  mark in your heart. The best part is you can find a great deal on high quality museum crystal pieces  Browse our wide and unique collection of crystal statement pieces at Amethyst Goddess and enjoy free domestic shipping!