Raw Pyrite Adjustable Ring

Raw Pyrite Adjustable Ring

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Pyrite is best known as the stone of all things wealth, success and abundance, including self-worth. Wearing this new Pyrite Adjustable Ring can help you go through the world ready to take action to achieve your dreams and aspirations. When you need help tapping into high energy and motivation you need to conquer any challenge and follow through with your goals, the mesmerizing glittery gold hues of our new Pyrite Adjustable Ring will bring you a sense of personal power, high self-worth, and confidence in your abilities. Made with two genuine raw Pyrite crystals and an adjustable metal band with an open front, we've created these crystal rings to allow you to connect with the power of this specific crystal energy and work with it anywhere you may find yourself. And when worn on the Jupiter (index/pointer) finger, this Double-Stone Pyrite Crystal Ring works powerfully to imbue your own energy with Jupiter’s expansionary and empowered energy.

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