Quantum Quattro Skull 2.2 lbs

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This Quantum Quattro Skull is a unique piece of healing magic. Quantum quattro is a combination of four healing stones: chrysocolla, shattuckite, smoky quartz, and malachite. It’s only found in Namibia and is known to be a cell-level healer – meaning it goes right to the root of health challenges to remedy the dis-ease or illness at its source. Quantum quattro brings deep detoxification and rejuvenation and helps remove all impediments to your well-being. It’s a master healer and an essential stone for any Reiki practitioner or energy worker. Crystal skulls help us reconnect with the past to create a better future.

Quantum Quattro Silica is made up of Malachite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase and Shattuckite. The combination makes for a stone of potent and powerful energy. Quantum Quattro is useful for protection from negative energy and encourages release from emotional traumas. It transforms these energies into pure light encouraging emotional healing and balance.

Weight: 2.2lbs

Length: 4 inches

Height: 3.5 inches

Extremely rare - ethically sourced and hand carved from Namimbia.