13" Pink Amethyst Tower

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Introducing the large statement Pink Amethyst Tower from Amethyst Goddess, a breathtaking piece of natural beauty that promises to be the centerpiece of any room or collection. This exquisite tower stands proud at 13 inches in height, with a balanced 3-inch length and width, making it a substantial and striking presence. Weighing in at an impressive 4 pounds and 15 ounces, it's a solid, grounding piece that exudes elegance and strength.

Crafted from the finest pink amethyst, this tower boasts a unique color palette that ranges from soft, blush pinks to deeper, heartwarming hues, all naturally formed and intricately patterned. The polished finish enhances its natural luster, ensuring that it catches the light and the eye from every angle.

When you choose this Pink Amethyst Tower, you're not just selecting a piece of decor; you're bringing home a slice of the earth's intrinsic beauty and a tool for emotional healing and balance. Pink amethyst is celebrated for its soothing properties, promoting calmness, balance, and emotional well-being, making this tower not only a visual delight but a spiritual companion as well.

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Length: 3"

Width: 3"

Height: 13"

Weight: 4 Lb 15 oz

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