Pink Amethyst Hearts

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 When the shape of your carving and the stone merge as one to help amplify the softness of your heart. These mystifying pink amethyst hearts are one of our best sellers at Amethyst Goddess. Our pink amethyst hearts are on the larger side and on the average cover the size of a palm. Most our pink amethyst hearts will contain many inclusions from agate, golden healer, quartz and amethyst, and will almost end up being a myriad of minerals on the matrix. 

The same variety of colors give it the uniquess and beauty to each heart. To select the pink amethyst heart you desire, just choose the size below and you will see the the exact piece you will receive when you select your option.

100% natural pink amethyst from Argentina. 

Associated with the Heart Chakra associated with love, self-worth, forgiveness,. 

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