Faceted Citrine Stones-Amethyst Goddess-36 grams-Amethyst Goddess

Faceted Citrine Stones

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Become fascinated with this by these faceted gem grade citrine pieces. 
Citrine is truly one of my personal favorites because it’s a vibrant crystal that matches my Leo energy. As their ruling planet is the sun, this Leo stone enhances warmth and generosity, and it brings about positivity, energy, and joy we need to thrive. With its help, Leo sun signs can open up to new opportunities and prosperity as it attracts the right people, situations, and abundance to them. At the same time, it also removes Leos’ fear of judgement so that they can fully express themselves, as they love to do.


100% natural citrine from Brazil. Please note these are A grade citrine gemstones and will have small natural inclusions in some pieces, and will have almost perfect clarity.

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