Azurite Chrysocolla Mini Hamsa Hands

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Introducing the exquisite Azurite Chrysocolla Carved Tiny Hamsa Hands, a unique and captivating addition to any collection or wardrobe. Each piece is masterfully crafted from stunning azurite stone, known for its striking blue-green hues and captivating patterns.

The hamsa hand, a symbol of protection and good luck in many cultures, is expertly carved into each azurite stone, creating a miniature work of art that can be worn as a pendant or used as as tailsman on the go. 

 Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with its own distinct patterns and variations, making it a truly special and meaningful addition to your collection.
In addition to the stunning azurite stone, each piece also contains variations of malachite, cuprite, and chrysocolla, adding even more depth and complexity to its overall appearance. These natural variations in the stone create a breathtaking and dynamic effect, making each piece a true work of art.

We will intuivetly select one piece for you

Pieces weigh from 24-28 grams

Heigh 2 inches

Width: 1.3 inches

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