24k Gold Plated $100 Dollar Bill For Manifesting Abundance

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The 24k gold plated 100 dollar bill is for manifestation and abundance. It’s meant to be kept in your wallet to keep your wallet full at all times. Never feeling empty. It helps you attract money and keeps the flow moving but you’re welcome to keep the bill wherever is a positive reminder for you.

Our subconscious rules our reality.
I’m all about helping us program ourselves for the belief of abundance. We are the creators of our reality! And the power resides in you.

I package each bill with love and charge them with natural tools like moon/sun and scents/oils. I also treasure the experience of sharing abundance and package each one differently per individual and send personalized affirmations

Color: Gold
Material: Antique Plated
Product Size: 14*6.5*0.1cm