Large 35 lb Kundalini Citrine Cluster

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35 lb Kundalini Citrine From Congo ( EXTREMELY RARE Crystal) !!

Sunning natural Kundalini Citrine from Lwena in clusters or cascading forms with pale to Smokey citrine colour from Congo. Regional material is very frustrating as they are renowned for bad mining practices and getting intact material is very difficult. The mining and logistics of moving material out of the region also adds to the difficulty of getting intact material. We select material for quality and inspect each piece. Older material has more angular finger like clusters, while more recent deposits yield classic cascading habit. The older material was more pale in colour while the cascading material has richer colour but also included a range of Smokey to Morion Citrine specimens. On a very rare occasion the deposits yields a handful of black specimens. Lower grade specimens will have some damage while very good to A grade piece are near intact. Each piece is priced based on the colour, preservation, lack of damage and other variables. This material has recently been dubbed Kundalini Citrine in the alternative market - which makes specific reference to cascading citrine from the Lwena deposits. Price is always grade dependent. Items are as shown.
12 inches length
3 inches high
10 wide
Locality = Lwena, Congo
Grade = A Grade