Chrysocolla Spheres

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Foremost stone of communication. Supports sound healing work which can be through words or other sounds. It encourages loving communication and the expression of the heart. Purifies one’s environment.

Stimulating and opening the throat chakra, it is a powerful tool of communication and teaching. It encourages one to share, lovingly from the heart, experiences in support of others. Supports one’s efforts in Earth Stewardship.

~Use chrysocolla’s calming blue healing rays during meditation to release resentments and foster gentle forgiveness.

~Use copper to charge/amp up your chrysocolla.

~Tap into the Divine Feminine vibration and feel the Ancient Wise Women fill you in with inner strength and whisper guidance.

~Chyrsocolla is a magical gift for first-time grandmothers and new mothers – nurturing and balancing energies.

~Place in a central location in the home to calm rocky relationships and bring a harmonic vibration.

Affirmation: I listen deeply to the voice within, I communicate my truth, I am the truth.

“Let me heal you with my words.” Harmonize & attune oneself to the Earth. Excellent for new mothers & grandmothers – Powerful Goddess energy. Eases heartbreak, helps disburse negativity with calming, peaceful vibration.

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