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  • 5 Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

    5 Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

    Shadow work can be grueling and highly uncomfortable at best. Shadow work is the conscious reintegration of the parts of yourself that are conditioned to hide or deemed unacceptable. To access these spiritual and emotional parts of your being, you’ll be face to face with trauma and stark realization.

    Shadow work is the side of spiritual growth that so many are afraid to talk about. While most sides of the light are peaceful and growth-oriented, the paradigm shift can only occur after deep, restorative shadow work.

    Crystals for shadow work are here to make your journey easier. These divine allies serve to support and comfort you through your awakening and be your candle should you enter the dark night of the soul. Embrace these celestial gifts and allow them to help you return to the fullness of who you are--shadows included.

    Black Obsidian Reflects Your Shadow Self

    This deep, powerful crystal reflects the shadow side. It can help you see that primitive, dark side of being a human without fearing what you’ll discover. Black Obsidian encourages you to see it all with bravery and release any judgment you have against your shadow self.

    Black Obsidian can also be used to unlock the meaning behind the mystery. It will help you understand your conditioned traits. Obsidian prepares the mind for the journey into the subconscious. While other crystals may serve as comfort or gentle guides, Obsidian will grab you by the hand and pull you straight into the Lion’s den--So have faith.


    Labradorite is the ultimate spiritual ally for any kind of inner work. It expels gentle energy and invites other spirit guides to support you on your journey within. This comforting crystal will soften the blow of emotional triggers that can occur when you unearth buried emotions.



    Labradorite can also help you understand the reasons and motives behind outbursts. Sometimes the shadow side peaks through even when you’re not doing shadow work. Mood swings, temper, sudden spikes of flight-or-flight, and other emotional occurrences that feel out of character for you, is your unaddressed shadow side. Labradorite helps you put meaning behind your reaction and to encourages you to remain curious about your unanticipated emotions when they do surface.

    Lapis Lazuli

    This healing crystal for shadow work has long been associated with the spirit realm. An ancient Babylonian myth tells of a Goddess, Ishtar, who adorns herself with Lapis Lazuli as she passes through the seven gates of the underworld. Shadow work can feel like your own personal hell. Lapis Lazuli helps you hold tight to your personal power--never let you slip or feel as though you’re losing yourself.

    Lapis Lazuli strengthens your critical thinking as you navigate shadow work, preventing you from becoming emotionally or spiritually overwhelmed.

    Smoky Quartz

    Serving as a grounding stone, Smoky Quartz stabilizes your mental wellbeing while you deep dive into inner work and healing. It’s notorious for absorbing negative energy and can protect you from external stress.

    During your spiritual detox, you are vulnerable to physical and mental fatigue, poor diet, and nightmares. Smoky Quartz aids in alleviating the spiritual detox symptoms and will encourage you to use this potent energy toward positive manifestations. This crystal serves to remind you that you are an alchemist and can turn suffering into power.


    Selenite is like the angel who arrives just when you feel as though you can’t take anymore. Cleansing and clearing your aura this crystal invites you to your new beginning. Shadow work is all about getting clear it is on who you are, your core values, and figuring out what you want most. Working with Selenite Spheres is a powerful way to release confusion and evoke certainty and wash away doubt.

    Selenite can clear blocked energy, improve intuition, and make space in your heart and mind for inspiration. Selenite promotes inner-truth and tunes you in with spiritual frequencies.



    Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

    Use your healing crystals as often as you can and leave them open and accessible to you. Wear your crystals, carrying them with you, hold them when meditating or praying, and be in their presence when journaling and manifesting.

    But don’t be surprised if you fin yourself reaching for these crystals simply for comfort, clarity, or guidance. With you through it, these divine gems will remain your spiritual allies long after your shadow work concludes.

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  • 6 Crystals That Activate & Heal Your Feminine Energy

    6 Crystals That Activate & Heal Your Feminine Energy

    The divine feminine, also known as Gaia, Shakti, kali, and Yin energy within us all is receptive energy. But it also contributes to many emotional experiences that make us human. It is the deepest part of our consciousness that perceives life through feeling.

    The divine feminine is represented by

    • Sensuality
    • Creativity
    • Intuition
    • Expression
    • Communication
    • Chaos/Wild
    • Restoration
    • Inspiration
    • Peace + Harmony
    • Connection + Relationships + Community

    When your divine feminine is active and empowered, life is full. You are inspired, find purpose easily, feel guided, hopeful, and it is easy for you to connect with those around you. Unfortunately, trauma and painful physical and emotional experiences can cause us to become disconnected from the divine feminine. The Yin starts to feel like unsafe energy until it becomes almost foreign to us.

    Signs of a disconnect from your feminine energy:

    • Over giving without receiving
    • Struggle to maintain and enjoy relationships
    • Uninspired, hopelessness, depression
    • Out of touch with your intuition
    • Aimless
    • Inability to create
    • Aggressive and controlling tendencies

    There are crystals that radiate feminine energy. Sourced from Mother Earth herself, these crystals maintain a high frequency. When exposed to the frequency often enough, you will begin to feel the divine feminine awaken and activate.

    The Best Crystals For Feminine Energy 


    Chrysocolla represents the Sacred Feminine, activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication, and embodies the intelligence and strength of the enduring Goddess.

    raw chrysocolla silica


    Chrysocolla is used to promote tranquility, peace, intuition, patience, and unconditional love. It is known as a healing stone among Native American cultures and has been used to strengthen the body's resistance to illness and emotional stress.

    Rose Quartz

    This soft pink stone is great for balancing the feminine energy, especially if you are being overpowered by your masculine tendencies. Rose Quartz is nurturing and helps slow your spirit if you’ve been overworking or overthinking.

    small rose quartz egg

    Rose Quartz is a crystal of rest and   self- soothing. Allow yourself time   each day to take deep breaths,   silence your thoughts, and remember   what it feels like to live from a heart space and take action that is inspired by emotional awareness. 


    Amazonite aligns you with your   purpose and your soul mission and is   ideal for paving new opportunities that   resonate with your highest calling.  Dreams are made of amazonite and   the divine feminine loves to dream big.

    Amazonite tumbles in a bowl

    This active crystal will stir your creative juices and get you inspired by life and excited to create. Sing, dance, write, paint, spoken word--there are unlimited opportunities to create and take action for the sake of expression and not just to be productive.


    Vanadinite is known to help with energy, uplift the mood, stimulates creativity, helps with writer's block, and boost your desire to get things done. This beautiful crystal also helps to renew enthusiasm for life, assists in removing obstacles, increases drive, determination, and helps ground unstable thoughts and emotions.

    When your divine feminine is blocked, it can be hard to create forward motion or to be excited about life. Vanadinite gives you ab emotional boost to keep going.


    Rhodochrosite evokes the Goddess and the vibration of Divine Love. It invites our spirit and heart to be courageous and compassionate, in alignment with whatever is true and good. Rhodochrosite encourages us to constantly ask “what would I love to do?” in each situation we encounter.


    rhodochrosite tumbles


     In modern society, there is a socially   constructed idea that the feminine is   to sacrifice all she wants for the   sake of her family. But this martyr   conditioning is what drives so many   away from the real calling of the   divine feminine which is always to fill   your own cup first. There is no   family, joy, love, healing, or growth   without a well-balanced,   empowered, active divine feminine   energy.


    garnet for divine feminine healing

    Affirmations to Activate the Divine Feminine Within You

    I am worthy of love and happiness just as I am

    I trust myself and lean into my intuition

    I work in harmony with others because I am in harmony with myself

    I take pleasure in the creative process

    I am divine in my own right, and I embrace it fully

    I cultivate healthy emotional responses

    I receive with grace

    Rest and relaxation are as important as productivity and completion

    I am only at my best when I am in tune with my needs and desires

    It is safe to express how I really feel

    It is safe to feel

    I draw wisdom, love, compassion, and clarity from my divine feminine energy

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  • High-Frequency Crystals for Halloween

    High-Frequency Crystals for Halloween

    Tis the season for all things magical and   mystical! And none are more powerful than   divine, healing crystals.

    Whether you want to add a little fairy dust to   your trick-or-treat goody bags, increase   connection while the veil is thin, or protect   yourself from all the spookiness--here are the  best, high-frequency crystals for Halloween.

    Crystal Skulls

    Skulls are a Halloween go-to décor. But a charged Quantum Quattro Skull is so much more than a stunningly spooky accessory.

    Crystal skulls are large pieces of polished crystal that are stylized to resemble a

    Moss Agate Skulls For Balance & Grounding-Amethyst Goddess-700 grams-Amethyst Goddess

    human skull. Skulls can also resemble an animal-shaped head or that of an extraterrestrial. Some can take on larger or smaller shapes and are most commonly Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine, or Citrine-- but there is no limit to which crystal can be carved into a skull.

    Divine in their own right, crystal skulls are incredibly protective, especially concerning the spiritual battle we fight. Psychic protection can manifest in our lives in many ways that include:

    • Preventing negative emotions from others to penetrate your energy field (think evil eye energy)
    • Block any ill-will sent your way
    • Alleviates dark emotions that spur depression and anxiety
    • Aura protection

    Besides its shape and energy, the Moss Agate Crystal Skull is unique because of its history. Ancient healing, magic, and what we now call manifestation were all purposes the skull shape served for over 2,000 years. 

    Thousands of years later, and you can still have your very own Crystal Skull to ignite your spiritual gifts, ground yourself, and empower all of your spiritual and material pursuits.

    Crystal Spheres

    Instead of candy, hand out these beautiful pocket gems! On Halloween witches, warlocks, and psychics may peer into the future using a clear crystal sphere, but these little beauties present opportunities for healing and growth.

    Angelite Spheres 

    These Angelite Angelic Connection Spheres are here to attune you to their wisdom and guidance. Angelite is such a special stone. 

    This radiant gem acts as an anchor to our angelic guides and opens up clear communication lines between our world and the celestial realm. Work with these gorgeous spheres to soothe your spirit, cultivate compassion, deepen your intuition, and tap into higher levels of awareness.

    Rhodochrosite Spheres

    Rhodochrosite is known as the Rose Stone and resonates with the Heart

    Rhodochrosites Spheres For Love & Compassion-Amethyst Goddess-Small ( ~43-45 mm)-Amethyst Goddess

    Chakra. . It inspires you to be kind and gentle with yourself, and in turn, with others. Rhodochrosite brings balance and eases low-frequency emotions. It’s this balance that makes it so powerful in love – this gem helps you feel loved when you feel alone, improves self-worth, and comforts you as it heals. 

    Rhodochrosite also calms any stress and fills you with strong energy. With it, you’re able to understand the purpose of past negativity and cope with problems in a graceful and balanced way.

    Aquamarine Spheres

    You can get lost in these serene aquamarine spheres. Known as a crystal of the sea, with a calming and cooling vibration that enhances intuition, imagination, and creativity. Aquamarine promotes emotional depth and aligns with the astrological sign Pisces and fish spirit. 

    AA Grade Aquamarine Spheres For Emotional Cleansing & Calming-Amethyst Goddess-Large ( 39-40mm)-Amethyst Goddess

     Aquamarine is the perfect offering to keep   close whenever you need to have a hard   conversation. Aquamarine is a healing   gemstone that soothes and brings you to a   deep sense of peace.

     You may not be able to read the future with   these crystal spheres but you sure can make   the present moment full of love and healing.

    Carved Crystals

    Up the vibrational ante of your décor any time of the year with carved crystals. Fun, sentimental, and full of high frequencies--these gems pack a powerful punch of cosmic energy.

    Black Obsidian Toucan on Raw Rhodonite

    Black Obsidian Toucan on Raw Rhodonite-Amethyst Goddess-Amethyst Goddess

    Unique hand-carved gemstone toucan bird on natural amethyst base. Lovely home décor piece that fills your home with positive energy and good vibes. This beautiful bird is hand-carved and features Black Obsidian for protection, Rhodonite for harmony, and Orange Calcite for high consciousness and spiritual development.

    Aquamarine Half Moon

    Aquamarine is considered a very soothing gem, assisting in the calming of fears as well as clarity of thought, sharpened logic. It is said to help release old patterns that no longer serve you and connect to your intuition and higher self.

    Grey Amethyst Angel Wings

    Keep your guardian angels close with this heavenly collector's piece. The amethyst angel wing pairs come together and can be detached from the base. These are grade A beautiful quality grey galaxy amethyst from Uruguay.

    Grey Amethyst activates s the crown chakra and is an aid for meditation, intuition, inspiration, and mental clarity.

    XL Grey Amethyst Angel Wing Pair on Stand-Amethyst Goddess-Amethyst Goddess

    Rose Quartz Dolphin

    Ride the waves of life with love and joy with the help of this crystal ally. The spirit animal of the dolphin represents harmony and balance.  Their playful nature is a reminder that everyone needs to approach life with humor and joy. People who identify with the dolphin totem are usually peaceful and gentle, but with a deep inner strength. 

    The spirit of the dolphin engraved in rose quartz serves as a reminder to trust life, yourself, and to approach relationships with tenderness, joy, and playfulness.

    Black Crystals

    If Halloween has a color, it’s black. So it’s time to show off the darkest crystals in your collection!


    When it comes time to put away that holiday candy, Tourmaline offers an energy of self-control and detoxification. Absorbing bad habits and bad vibes, this crystal is great to wear when interacting with many people, especially strangers at a sketchy Halloween house party.


    This deep black crystal helps us embrace our internal duality. In the spirit realm, nothing is good or bad, it just is. Applying this level of awareness and acceptance in our human lives allows us to embrace the present moment without fear or judgment.


    More chrome than black, this stark crystal is grounding and helps you drop into your body if you have a tendency to overthink. The vibrations of Hematite are uniquely noticeable and are used to tune into excess emotional baggage that needs to be released.

    Naturally, these high-frequency crystals can be used all year round, but they are especially powerful when there’s a little magic in the air.

    Happy Halloween!

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  • Crystals For Inner Guidance

    Crystals For Inner Guidance

    Losing our way is part of the human experience. It doesn’t matter how spiritual you are or how many hours of meditation you do, feelings of aimlessness can creep in. It’s nothing to be afraid of, but an opportunity to hear what these feelings have to teach you.

    These crystals for inner guidance will allow you to sink into the cosmic energy bestowed upon these gems and will help you find your way through.

    Turquoise - Drown Out the Noise

    Turquoise is connected to the heart, throat, and third eye chakras and ensures you embody beliefs that are all your own. The world is full of conditioning and that’s what muddles our authentic selves and can make your life feel as though it’s not your own.

    Peruvian Turquoise Palm Stones are great to keep nearby when facing a big decision, particularly one that involves many people’s opinions. This crystal will empower you to live your truth, despite what others may think.

    Amethyst - Strengthen Intuition

    Amethyst opens the crown chakra, inviting a sense of deep knowing and intuition. A Pink Amethyst Tower connects you with your higher self--The spirit body that never second guesses or sheds any doubt.


    Crystals for inner guidance


    Amethyst can also help regulate overthinking and anxiety induced by insecurity or fear of making the wrong decisions.

    Selenite - Get Clarity

    Selenite is notorious for cleansing the aura and lifting mental fog. Inner guidance is all about getting clear on who you are, your core values, and figuring out what you want most. Working with Selenite Spheres is a powerful way to release confusion, evoke certainty, and wash away doubt.

    Selenite can clear blocked energy, improve intuition, and make space in your heart and mind for inspiration.

    Spirit Quartz - Receive Messages

    Spirit Quartz is incredibly powerful, it can invite downloads that can be used as guidance or attract people that are here to encourage your inner growth and deliver messages to you. This rare crystal can also protect you from doubt and negative self-talk that can overshadow words of wisdom.

    Spirit Quartz is best used when placed in an open environment where many people pass. This could be your office or a shared space in the house. Spirit quartz promotes harmony with others and within yourself.

    Citrine - Take inspired Action

    Turn your inner guidance into inspired action with a Citrine Generator. Citrine’s energy will spring you into motion and encourage you to move in the direction of your internal compass. Associated with optimism, Citrine can help shift you from a state of fear and confusion into a more lighthearted, playful perspective when seeking the answers to life’s questions.


    Associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, Citrine stimulates mental clarity, alignment, and creativity.

    Jasper - Confidence Boost

    Jasper is a nurturing stone that comes in many variations. Jasper Freeform Crystals are an energetic powerhouse for your confidence and self-esteem. Working directly with your root chakra, Jasper offers grounding energy. Keeping you rooted in your body, Jasper will prevent you from swaying if you are prone to changing your mind often. 

    Jasper encourages alignment with your purpose and helps you remain focused on it. It’s recommended to keep Jasper in an area where you create or work as it helps eliminate distractions. Jasper prevents blockages from occurring within the channels between you and your creative, authentic self.

    Rose Quartz - Trust Yourself

    Self-love is the foundation to trusting yourself and following your inner guidance. Wear a Rose Quartz Pendulum on your heart chakra or use it when making decisions. The vibration of Rose Quartz invites you to drop into your heart space and emotional body to really feel your way through the decision process.

    If you have trauma surrounding your ability to trust yourself, Rose Quartz can be used to restore and heal your heart space.

    Affirmations for Inner Guidance

    No one knows me as I know myself

    My decisions are grounded and thoughtful

    I am divinely guided

    All I need is within

    I hear my inner voice loud and clear

    When my mind is too loud, my body helps me feel what is right

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