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  • 10 Rarest Crystals in the World [and what makes them so special!]

    10 Rarest Crystals in the World [and what makes them so special!]

    The rarest crystals in the world are determined by their scarcity, isolated locality, and mining difficulty. When it comes to healing crystals, it is much more important and significant that crystals are ethically sourced, than to be rare.

    But it’s still so special to see the precious rare stones that the Earth creates, even if we don’t have immediate access to them. If you don’t have the thousands of dollars or mining gear to get your hands on any of the world’s rarest crystals, I’ve offered you an alternative crystal that reflects its healing properties and appearance.

    1. Taaffeite

    Rarity: Less than 50 known samples in the world. Consider the rarest crystal of all

    Composition: Beryllium, Magnesium, and Aluminum

    Where it’s Found: Mainly Sri Lanka and few found in Tanzania

    Price: $2500 per carat

    Healing Properties: Luck, fortune, turn of events, empowerment

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Rose Quartz, Polished Amethyst

    Beginning with the rarest crystal, Taaffeite was discovered in 1945. The deep, stunning pink color enchanted gemologists. Some say the crystal was so breathtaking, scientists have kept it for themselves. However, its rarity is due to the presence of Beryllium. It was initially mistaken as simple spinel until this mineral and double refraction were spotted.

    2.  Poudretteite

    Rarity: Less than 50 known samples in the world.

    Composition: Potassium, Sodium, Boron, and Silicon

    Where it’s Found: Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada; and Mogok, Myanmar

    Price: Unspecified

    Healing Properties: Mental wellness, help anxiety

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Morganite

    Discovered in the mid-’60s in Quebec, Poudretteite wasn’t recognized as a new mineral until the late ’80s. It is brittle, glassy, and has barely detectable radioactivity. Its texture is similar to selenite and its color is a unique translucent burnt orange/brown or soft pink.

    3. Painite

    Rarity: About 1,000 samples have been discovered

    Composition: Calcium, Zirconium, Boron, Aluminum, and trace amounts of Chromium and Vanadium

    Where it’s Found: Myanmar

    Price: $50,000-$60,000 per carat

    Healing Properties: Manifesting, success, joy, freedom, abundance

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Ruby

    Often misidentified as Ruby, Painite comes from the extremely small region of Mogok in Myanmar. After extensive exploration, fewer than 1,000 samples have been found. The mineral combination within Painite rarely interacts in nature.

    4. Grandidierite

    Rarity: Only found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka

    Composition: Magnesium aluminum borosilicate

    Where it’s Found: Madagascar and Sri Lanka, some discovered in New Zealand

    Price: $20,000 per carat

    Healing Properties: Self-expression, communication, clarity, purpose, intuition

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Amazonite

    Madagascar is home to many beautiful crystals, Grandidierite being the rarest. Discovered in 1902, the most obviously unique feature what how it displays three different colors depending on the angle it’s being viewed from– blue-green, clear/yellow, and light (jade) green.

    5. Tanzanite

    Rarity: Only discovered in one location.

    Composition: Calcium, Aluminium, and Hydroxyl sorosilicate

    Where it’s Found: Merelani Hills of Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania

    Price: $600 - $1,000 per carat

    Healing Properties: Detox mind and body, boost morale and confidence, opens throat chakras, helps with expression

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Sugilite

    Found only in Tanzania, Tanzanite was named by Tiffany & Co. This rare crystal produces a pearly luster and is surprisingly strong. In 2002, it was formally listed as the December birthstone, the first birthstone to change since 1912.

    6. Black Opal

    Rarity: Only found in Australia

    Composition: Hydrated amorphous form of silica

    Where it’s Found: Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia

    Price: $2,300 per carat

    Healing Properties: Strengthen immune system, psychic powers, and protection

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Black Obsidian

    Black Opal is surprisingly colorful given its name. Though it doesn’t embody color, it reflects bright oranges, yellows, blues, and reds. Sourced only in NSW, Australia, the price can run steep but it is available for sale and easy to get your hands of if you’re willing to pay a pretty penny.

    7. Larimar

    Rarity: Only found in the Dominican Republic

    Composition: Hydrated sodium calcium silicate with manganese

    Where it’s Found: Mountains beyond Baoruco in the Dominican Republic

    Price: Unspecified

    Healing Properties: Peace, overcome fears, balance yin energy, peace, tranquility, balance throat chakra

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Blue Calcite

    Found only in the mountains beyond Baoruco in the Dominican Republic, it’s hard to get your hands on this celestial-looking crystal. Reflecting both sky and sea, Larimar is a frost baby blue with white and grey cavities. But its true beauty and allure lie beyond the surface.

    Larimar is a soothing crystal. Its energy can lull you to a state of peace and is known for its calming features. Pulling its energy from both heaven and earth, it works like a gentle, wise teacher--benevolently guiding and healing you to your highest self. Larimar is a great crystal for beginners as its energetic impact goes at your pace.

    Discover More About Rare Larimar, Its Healing Properties, and Spiritual Power.

    8. Benitoite

    Rarity: Found only in California

    Composition: Blue barium titanium silicate

    Where it’s Found: San Benito County, Northern California

    Price: $3,000-$4,000 per carat

    Healing Properties: Opens third eye chakra, soothes anxiety, overthinking, and is best used in transition periods of life

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Apatite, Lapis Lazuli

    Hailing from California (the state’s official stone!), Benitoite is a beautiful blue and white crystal that looks much like a snow-capped mountain. It is considered a high-frequency stone that can activate all corners of the consciousness.

    9. Red Beryl

    Rarity: 1 found in every 150,000 diamonds

    Composition: Beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate with manganese

    Where it’s Found: Wah Wah Mountains, Beaver County, Utah; Paramount Canyon and Round Mountain, New Mexico

    Price: $10,000 per carat

    Healing Properties: Helps promote wisdom, confidence, right timing, opportunities, heals heartache

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Garnet

    Also referred to as Bixbite or the red Emerald, though not as expensive and valuable as its green sister crystal, it is exceptionally rarer. This crystal formation requires a unique geochemical environment to form.

    It is believed to heal generational wounds and break karmic ties.

    10. Alexandrite

    Rarity: Large, quality samples are hard to find

    Composition: Aluminate of Beryllium

    Where it’s Found: The Ural Mountains in Russia; Brazil; India; Madagascar; Tanzania; and Sri Lanka

    Price: $70,000 per carat

    Healing Properties: Manifestation stone, luck, money, love, general good fortune.

    Accessible Healing Crystal Alternative: Amethyst

    Unless you’re willing to hike the terrain of the Ural Mountains, you may likely never behold this rare crystal. But if you did, you’d want to rub it like a magic lamp! Alexandrite is believed to be extremely magical bringing the bearer good fortune in the shape of wealth and true love.

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    Energy centers in your physical, spiritual, and emotional body are responsible for your magnetism and the sensual experiences you attract. Primarily the root and the sacral chakra are responsible for pleasure, sensuality, feminine energy, needs, and the security and grounding required to share and invite those needs to be met.

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  • Common Crystal Misconceptions

    Common Crystal Misconceptions

    Debunking crystal myths about magic, meaning, and more.

    Crystals have an undeniable influence on science and technology, but what about them has attracted humans for a lifetime? Without 100% support from the science community, crystals are still considered healing, regenerative, and energizing.

    If you’re new to healing crystals, it doesn’t take long to notice there is much information available about how to use them, what they mean, and their purpose. And those these are divinity tools and are at the discretion of your beliefs. Here are a few misconceptions about crystals that don’t do them the justice they deserve.

    Crystals Are Magic

    Magic surrounds us; we’ve just become accustomed to it. So to say it doesn’t exist is silly. Humans are natural creators, and the things we’ve done are not short of magic. Crystals are a tool used to draw magic out of you–to help remove the emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma blocking your magic. YOU are the magic, not the crystals. They are the wand.

    Water Damages Crystals

    Energetically and physically cleaning and clearing your crystals is essential. And while some crystals like Selenite will slowly erode when completely submerged into water, many crystals are water safe and can even be used for a beautifully charged bath.

    Mohs Hardness Scale is a great way to understand how compatible your crystal is with water. Some may lose their luster if misused. Any crystal with a hardness of 6 or greater can safely be cleaned with water, while anything below 6 tolerates water in small amounts. Just consider a few things, like how porous it is and its iron content.

    In general, here are some water-safe crystals:

    • Clear/Rose/Smokey Quartz
    • Agate
    • Amethyst
    • Citrine
    • Tiger’s Eye
    • Obsidian
    • Jasper
    • Carnelian
    • Moonstone

    In general, the crystals are not water compatible:

    • Selenite
    • Fluorite
    • Opal
    • Azurite
    • Malachite
    • Turquoise

    Anyone Can Practice Crystal Healing

    Crystals are for everyone, and anyone can create a practice for and with themselves. The experience with crystals is incredibly personal and driven by intentions. However, be cautious when trusting someone else with your healing process. There are “crystal practitioners” who can prey on those who aren’t yet synchronized to their own energy and can’t perceive when an energy healer isn’t apt to help them. 

    The wrong experience with a crystal healer could lead you away from a potential life-altering relationship with crystals. It is also wise to know which crystals do what before using them on your own. When used inappropriately or in a wrong crystals combination, crystals have been known to disturb sleep, appetite, energy, mood and can even evoke nightmares and skin irritation.

    A Polished Crystal is More Powerful

    Polished crystals are a joy to collect and are most often used on display. But this doesn’t mean they are any more or less energetically charged and powerful. Raw crystals can have just as great an impact on the emotional and spiritual body. Processing and shaping crystals don’t diminish their capabilities.

    Bigger is Better

    Some large crystals are jaw-dropping. Stand in front of a massive Amethyst Geode or Rose Quartz Tub, and you’ll understand. But the power here is mostly visual. The relationship with a tiny, tumbled Amethyst can have a more profound influence on the life of its owner than a large geode put on a desk for display. In this case, size does not matter.

    Crystals Cure Disease

    Crystals can’t cure disease. There isn’t enough scientific data to back such a statement. So if someone tells you that, walk in the other direction. Crystals can be used as emotional support for those undergoing treatment for an illness and can at times evoke physical energy.

    Keep Your Crystals Together + Anywhere

    Crystal energy fields interact with each other just as they interact with everything else in their environment. Some crystals cannot be paired with each other, or they can negate the other’s energy or amplify undesirable effects. Similarly, some crystals are meant to be in a communal area, some in a quiet space, and some absolutely nowhere near your bedroom.

    Carnelian + Amethyst should not be paired. Carnelian is energizing, and Amethyst is soothing. Carnelian is appropriate for the desk or work area, while Amethyst works best under or near your pillow.

    Enough time spent with your crystals, what feels right or wrong will become instinctual.

    Crystal Therapy Benefits are Immediate

    Like any happy, healing relationship, the one with your crystals takes time. You have to align and synch to their energy and they to you. You can’t really be sure of how to work with and benefit from a crystal until you’ve spent some time with it.

    There is so much positivity and power to discover with crystals, so don’t be bothered by these misconceptions.

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  • Larimar Crystal Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

    Larimar Crystal Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

    The Caribbean produces some of the most beautifully exotic wonders on our planet. And among them is the rare, and enchanting Larimar crystal.

    Found only in the mountains beyond Baoruco in the Dominican Republic, it’s hard to get your hands on this celestial-looking crystal. Reflecting both sky and sea, Larimar is a frost baby blue with white and grey cavities. But its true beauty and allure lie beyond the surface.

    Larimar Crystal Meaning

    Larimar is a soothing crystal. Its energy can lull you to a state of peace and is known for its calming features. Pulling its energy from both heaven and earth, it works like a gentle, wise teacher--benevolently guiding and healing you to your highest self.

    Larimar is a great crystal for beginners as its energetic impact goes at your pace.

    Going by many names, larimar is also referred to as the Atlantis stone, Dolphin stone, Stefilia’s stone, and Blue Pectolite.

    Larimar Crystal Benefits

    A true crystal of serenity, Larimar benefits come on slowly and sufficiently. 

    Throat Chakra Clearing

    Resonating with the throat chakra, Larimar helps release suppressed expression and encourages you to speak your truth. Promoting authenticity and power, this crystal will support you in having hard conversations, speaking your needs, and setting boundaries.

    Finding Peace and Tranquility

    Transform excessive temper, irritability, and resentment into peace. Larimar relaxes the mind from thinking it has to fix everything. Ease into total acceptance to find your little piece of heaven on earth--even when surrounded by chaos.

    Overcoming Fears

    With total peace comes total security. Larimar makes you feel capable and confident. Diminishing overthinking tendencies, this crystal invites you to step through your limitations and overcome your fears.

    Balancing the Divine Feminine

    The divine feminine loves to relax and receive. If you find it hard to recharge, larimar helps you tap into your necessary right to call your power back to your and feel replenished. Nourishing and restorative, Larimar is a great nighttime crystal.

    Harmonizing Energies

    Have a busy household or eccentric office? Larimar can ease and harmonize energies by promoting stability and calm. Keep this crystal in an open space to allow all the energies who cross its path to breathe deeper, talk slower, and be present.

    How to Use Larimar Crystal

    Compatible with the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies, Larimar's uses are varied and wonderfully healing. Feel the depth of Larimar benefits when using the crystal in solitude or during your times of self-care.

    • Cool your mood when feeling overwhelmed with emotion
    • Aid in journaling for a deep-dive exploration of your expressive or creative needs
    • Wear as jewelry when entering a tense or overcrowded environment
    • To balance solar plexus and throat chakra

    Grip this stunning crystal in your hands when meditating, place it on a part of your body that seems to be holding onto trauma and emotions, or simply take deep breaths in its presence. As the nature of this crystal would have it, there is no pressure to do, be, or say anything “right”. Larimar energy intends to keep you calm, comfortable, and balanced.

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