The Best Crystals for Springtime

The Best Crystals for Springtime

Like Mother Earth, our lives have seasons and Springtime has got to be the most abundant and fulfilling of them all. The chill of winter subsides, the flowers bloom, and the sun blesses us with its energy for a little longer in the day.

As the old fades and the new blossoms to life, crystals for spring help us come into our new phase of the year by energizing our goals, uplifting the environment, manifesting illuminating experiences, and planting the seeds for an abundant year.

Spiritual Significance of Springtime

We come from the earth, and our mind, body, and spirit will reflect its cycles. In Springtime, we start gaining more daylight. This can bring about clarity in our lives. If there were struggles in the Winter season, Springtime gives us a second wind to tackle those issues with a sunnier disposition.

As life begins to blossom and important seeds are planted, Springtime leaps us into a sense of expansion. Wild, free, and beautiful discovery lies on the early horizon as the most beautiful time of year encourages adventure and experiences that will impact the following seasons.

Here are the best crystals for springtime that will encourage you to make the most of the season physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Best Crystals for Springtime

For hundreds of years, the March Equinox was a time to cleanse stagnant energy in homes and in ourselves. Here are some of the best crystals to elevate your spiritual spring cleaning.

You’ll be seeking the light as you leave the short days of winter behind. Here are beautiful  crystals to illuminate your spirit, mood, and creativity.

  • Clear Quartz is the best way to supercharge your energy and that of other crystals. It is a powerhouse for doing away with the old and making way for the new

  • Moonstone is harmonious and abundant in feminine energy. It’s an enchanting crystal that lights the way to inward journeys, spiritual growth, and deeply personal understandings

  • Flower Agate is a gentle and nourishing crystal that resembles a blooming flower and removals self-doubt, insecurity, fears, and other obstacles that prevent us from reaching our potential. The flower agate pours luster and energy into our pursuits both physical and spiritual

To welcome adventure, possibilities, and new opportunities to your springtime, these stones will open your eyes and heart to the abundance that surrounds you.

  • Amazonite aligns your purpose and your soul mission and is ideal for paving new opportunities that resonate with your highest calling. Dreams are made of amazonite

  • Citrine calls in the suns spring energy and illuminates our goals and encourages focus on our endeavors

  • Green Aventurine is the official crystal for the spring equinox. It is supreme in nurturing your new manifestations, abundance, health, and wealth

Springtime Affirmations for the Soul

There are dozens of ways to use your crystals to welcome springtime. Some have been used for many generations like rituals, meditations, spring solstice, offerings to mother nature, reiki, crystal chakra placement, and crystal grids. Others are things you’ve yet to create yourself.

However you use your crystals, springtime affirmations are a great way to set your intentions and experience energetic and spiritual shifts. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love life and life loves me

I am a magnet for love and happiness

I’m abundant and open to new opportunities. The possibilities are limitless

I release that which is not serving me to make space for something better

All is well; everything is working out for my highest and greatest good

With passion and joy, I am embracing all life’s miracles

My heart is pure and my soul is protected

I welcome all these things or something better

Happy Springtime, Goddess!

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