Epidote Quartz on Green Chlorite Quartz

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General Epidote Quartz Crystal

Epidote and Quartz ✧ Sichuan, China, Hongquizhen Quarry - EXTREMELY RARE FIND

Large cabinet/shelf display cluster
Incredible recrystallization on the underside

  Use outdoors in meditation to connect with the Earth’s energies. A great crystal to use while on a hike in nature or while meditating in your garden.

4) A great crystal to use in the garden with your trees, plants, fruits and vegetable plants, to help provide growth and love energies.

5) Use as an activation wand (if you have a point) to provide healing energies to your food and beverage, or for your food during an outdoor picnic.

For what and How Does One Use it?

Epidote Quartz known as “The Enhancers”. They Enhance all energy, be that personal energy for oneself, or enhancing the energy of other crystals, plants – anything at all. It is a crystal that promotes communication with the angelic, spiritual and devic realms.
Epidote included Quartz is an effective crystal for using with the cardiovascular system. It strengthens the heart, and brings harmony along with correct functioning of all the major bodily organs. Epidote assists with Asthma related problems, helps the thyroid, and helps with effective digestion.

On the emotional level, Epidote Quartz has a strong emphasis on transforming depression to joy, happiness and appreciation of life. This is an excellent crystal for getting one out of a negative induced rut. It helps lift ones spirits and give the positive energy to make real and lasting changes. Epidote Quartz is fantastic for clearing blockages, be they physical, emotional or spiritual.

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