Aquamarine Moons-Amethyst Goddess-Amethyst Goddess

Aquamarine Moons

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Gorgeous, clear blue Aquamarine crescent moon with face carved into it. 1.83" tall (46mm)

Aquamarine is considered a very soothing gem, assisting in the calming of fears as well as clarity of thought, sharpened logic. It is said to help release old patterns that no longer serve you and connect to your intuition and higher self.

The listing is for the exact moon in the photos. I endeavor to capture all details accurately, so please be sure to view each photo. If you’d like to see more, please ask! I have more Aquamarine and lots of other stones in my shop!

Please keep in mind that these lovelies were forged by Earth and may have some blemishes, lining or rough spots. This is to be expected and simply add to the uniqueness of each piece.

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